Subject: Squenced Scenario Combat- Long and Fancy for RANDOM QUESTS!

Posted on: October 10 2012 @ 03:28 PM
By: Sadranus


Are you tired of going out to the jungle, looking for monsters, drinking hairy water when such improbable opportunities present themselves?

Why not explore these jungles and not just its denizens' carcasses? Find a cave! see what's inside, find some loot! Or run into some great big scary monster and run away with your tail between your legs only to later post the monster sighting and where you found it? Either way, It'll liven up the leveling process!

An example would be:

(look for trouble)

Improbable encounter!

You found a cave! (description of cave) It's dark, with cold damp air blowing from within. You stop and listen for the breathing of whatever occupies this rocky formation. You hear nothing but the dripping of water off of stalactites.

Will you satisfy your curiosity or chicken out?

(choose to explore cave)

The cave tries to eat you! Twisted Evil (fight the cave and win, to go deeper or back out.)

(choose to explore further)
Maybe you find bats in the ceiling, and accidentally wake them up, and have to fight. Or maybe instead of waking up bats, you wake up a Titan from his nap before he set out to destroy an outpost! Maybe you get to the back of the cave, and find that it's the secret entrance to some elephant ruins! -*fight secret passageway monster*- Maybe there's nothing at the back of the cave but a dusty old crate, full of contraband items, custom weapons, you know, LOOT!

Wouldn't things like this be cool? You could even make your own dungeon like making a place, with the proper kits and everything. Maybe have some certificates available to make custom monsters as well as loot. Loot like a pair of ballerina slippers that add a +3 to your defense for pirouetting out from under blows and give you +2 charm for cuteness. Hey, ballet isn't just for girls, you know!

No more jungling to fight monsters for just xp and req, but to explore the zany areas that exist on the island thanks to the Improbability Drive! Find Big Trouble so you can bring it back to the outpost with you, to show all your friends that curiosity does kill the kittymorph! Find random armor, boots gloves, maybe even hats, to help boost your game and your wallets!

What do ya say Contestants? Is this an idea worth exploring?


SSC refining

Posted on: October 10 2012 @ 04:01 PM
By: Sadranus


So in the crates there would be a gem of some sort, one that isn't removable from the crate unless you are the character who made the dungeon. (editor) and it would randomly spawn a set number of loot items.

How good the loot is would depend on how good the gem is. To prevent low level characters from getting too good of loot, put level requirements on the dungeon. Or would that not matter since you can get such goods by finding crates on the map? Or you could also have more than one gem in the crate, and have it so the character can only take the items that correspond with his level range.

I think there may need to be a grid of attack, defense, health, charm, favor values(ie +5, +1, -3) by the item name and body slot. (gloves, boots, hat, weapon.)
as well as a way define up to 3 attributes to the item, for figuring out the algorithm, i think. (I don't know how to do that.) Add a base requisition value for when you'd want to sell said loot item to Sheila.

Further refinements will be posted as the epiphanies happen. Thank you and have a nice read.

SSC refining: Character Places and/or Improbable Encounters!

Posted on: October 10 2012 @ 04:16 PM
By: Sadranus


Player created Dungeon

The idea of dungeons on the island with fight-able monsters like in the jungle outside of role-playing could either be defined as a Player Place, like his house, built with the right tool kits for the appropriate amount of supporter points, or an improbable encounter.

Players could build the desired amount of rooms, either with interesting features, (typed in description or to explore the corners of said room,)
or monsters. At the end there's the reward, a teleporter beacon to send you to an outpost to safety, a crate with wonderful loot, or spat back out into the jungle with nothing to show for it but the xp. Unless if you fail, then you get either dragged to the entrance of the place (back to map) with 5 hp, sure to fail if you try to travel, or look for trouble because you failed, or straight to the failboat.

Improbable encounter Dungeon

Would work like the Raven Inn, out in the jungle. Except the budget horse couldn't take you there. It would be completely random as to which one you'd get, if you'd get one. The dungeons would be leveled so you wouldn't get one that's way over your head. (Like searching for the Drive before level 15, for example and comparison).

please post your input on pro's and cons.

Pro: Player created - Would always be on the same map square, - Con, frequently looted
Con: Improbable Dungeon - when and where timing could be inconvenient.

RE to the 2nd post: Loot Gems and dungeon levels could be scaled by 5 and you could rate the dungeons by written quality and difficulty versus your level

Re: Squenced Scenario Combat- Long and Fancy for RANDOM QUESTS!

Posted on: October 10 2012 @ 04:51 PM
By: Harris


Lovely stuff!

Sadly, sounds pretty damn quite extensive. I don't see any way that we can have even half of this plan without waiting until Season Three for the amount of code in other stuff that'd need to be rewrote.

We also have to wait until our beloved Dictator has a computer again to get any possible replies. Poor man just needs our money pretty damn badly right now...

*sits down to wait*

Re: Squenced Scenario Combat- Long and Fancy for RANDOM QUESTS!

Posted on: October 11 2012 @ 05:26 AM
By: amymist


This does sound really neat! Not sure I love it as-is, but I can't think of any specific complaints. (I'm sure someone else could though.)
But yeah, it's like Harris says. It's the kind of thing that will almost certainly need to wait for Season Three.

Re: Squenced Scenario Combat- Long and Fancy for RANDOM QUESTS!

Posted on: November 05 2012 @ 05:50 AM
By: brad000123


only once i went to jungle Frown

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