Subject: Images in places?

Posted on: April 27 2014 @ 03:31 PM
By: Red+Hatter


Is it possible to display images in place? If not I would like to suggest it. You wouldn't need to host them, just allow us to supply the location of the image.

I had the idea to create an art gallery, but without the ability to display images it would not work very well. Wink


Re: Images in places?

Posted on: April 27 2014 @ 04:42 PM
By: dizzyizzy


There's an gallery in Byte's Place of all the employees. Here's a sampling:

The little brass placard below this painting is simply marked Tsi. Her pose is relaxed, hip cocked, arms crossed just under her breasts, one brow raised as if carefully observing you. She is tall,curvy, and heavily tattooed over her tanned skin, her ebon hair fans out around her face in a constant state that appears either wind blown or just rolled out of bed. A few strands fall around her face framing her eyes, quite a stark contrast against her skin, they would give her an almost severe look if it weren't for the mischievous twinkle within. Signature cheetah markings line her eyes, three tails braided together wrap round her waist, feline ears top her head and lay back, their many earrings tangled into her hair. Her thin pink lips are raised at the corners, a playful smirk inviting you to explore further.

A little brass placard names this Partner Painting to be Darling's. Bright eyes stand out in paper pale skin, merry and mirthful as dark hair tumbles about her face. She is dressed to the nines, all frills and petticoats and countless amounts of lace. A metal arm glints in the light, tucked neatly into her lap. Her painted lips are pulled up into a secretive smile, both beckoning and coy.

and my personal favorite, for not-at-all narcissistic reasons:

This portrait is quite large, measuring six feet high by four and a half wide, making it almost life-sized. It has been painted in the style of Rembrandt by way of Caravaggio, deep blacks and a brooding tone that matches its principal subject, the barbarian king Dizzyizzy, lounging in a leopardskin loincloth and naught else upon a carved stone throne of marble that sits upon a bearskin rug atop another bearskin rug. His golden crown weighs heavy upon his brow as he broods with a stony-eyed grimace upon the viewer. To his left stands Rowley, naked and lush, tattooed and exotic, bedecked in a glittering array of jewels from head to toe and looking every inch of her a savage and regal queen. In her hands she holds a length of chain, to which is bound in shackles the ginger splendor of Vix, dressed in a flowing green gown and still wearing the spiked crystal crown of a queen. Behind the throne Jake stands, buxom and beautiful in her golden bellydancing attire, holding an ostrich feather and using it to fan Dizzy with a radiant blush upon her cheeks. Janura leans over the back of the throne on Dizzy's right, nude and skin glowing by torchlight, her eyes full of amorous treason for Rowley in defiance of her king. In the foreground, lying before the throne and facing the king, reclines a gorgeous woman with deathly pale skin like polished alabaster and dark locks of mahogany hair. Her face is obscured by her hair and the dramatic shadows of the painting, but the glint of brass at her left shoulder and what might be a metal hand resting on the floor next to her exquisite haunch might provide a clue. The painting is signed MV in the lower right corner of the canvas.

Anyways, use your words. It works just fine.

I'm uncomfortable with the idea of adding more image support to the island. It's a writing game, not a "link your favorite picture" game. If you want that, there's tumblr, imgur, reddit, 4chan, pinterest, and countless other different-but-exactly-the-same places on the internet.

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