Subject: Character customizing streamlining - couple suggestions

Posted on: June 14 2014 @ 06:44 AM
By: Matthew


First off, excellent system. Much more intuitive and it's nice not having to go through like a dozen menus to change everything you wanna change. Going through the inventory and clicking one by one and all the stuff was so annoying, especially for someone who changes that stuff as often as I do.

I do have a couple of suggestions though. One, let us completely remove an avatar. Sometimes you just wanna go avatar-less, and uploading a 1x1 transparent pixel is a bit of an unintuitive solution. Two, is there any way we can get a timer of how long it's been since a permanent changer item has been used directly on the item itself in the inventory? It tells you when you go to change something so it obviously exists somewhere in the database. Or maybe just a "Tradeable!" tag or something when a week's been up.


Re: Character customizing streamlining - couple suggestions

Posted on: June 14 2014 @ 08:41 AM
By: Vahelle


Matthew -- there is a timer on the item but only on the screen it shows you to confirm that you actually want to use that item, but I agree that having one in the inventory would be useful.

I've noticed that if you want to change two or more things at a time, it only shows you the confirmation screen for one thing. For example, if you fill in the fields for your custom title and name colours at once, it'll only show you the screen for your title. There is no option to select which specific item you want to use for both things, only for one (the title).
This didn't pose a real problem for me because it apparently used the items I wanted it to for both things that I changed, but it might for someone who wants to use SP instead of a one-use, or either of those things instead of an unlimited-use item -- if they intend to gift an item to someone else, for example, and are changing two things at once.
If this could be changed, or a warning could be added so that players know not to try it, that'd fix the problem.

Otherwise, the streamlining is incredibly useful and I'm glad for it.

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