Subject: On characters expiring

Posted on: November 09 2014 @ 07:31 PM
By: Socialery


I had three characters, for the second, the last expire notification was 12/11/10, but I must of prevented the expiring via some method or another... the last distraction was 5/24/11, and there were payments in between

5/23/12 was when I picked the game back up again, the original account gone, sans expiry notification, maybe I aimed for the spending-limit to keep an account around, and then that limit got removed? I don't know

I thought I did something with the third account to prevent that happening again, I guess not

I swear I bought a ring, I know I bought a bunch of stuff at least... I want to say the system is wrong, but that would require the computer/software to be wrong, which is a lot less likely than anything else

most likely situation is, I spent money on stupid stuff, didn't realize the limit vanished (or I never hit it), and the expire notifications got spammed by my email client.

still a fair bit dis-heartening to put XX amount of money into the game (and a fair bitta time!), and then if I want to play again, with my long breaks, I'd have to spend more, especially considering I can't shake the feeling that I did buy a couple rings in the first place.

not to say that I regret spending the money, I spent way more time on this game than many other games I own, I got way more enjoyment out of II than I thought possible, but...

- - -

why the post? from the old(or still current? I don't know) expiry notices: "Anything you can tell us about what put you off the game would be very much appreciated", I came back today, but I don't feel like joining again, and if that was the case, then I should air my thoughts, so here I am. my reasons are probably my fault, but they are still my reasons

- - -

Thank you for the enjoyment that you gave to many years of my life


Re: On characters expiring

Posted on: November 09 2014 @ 11:50 PM
By: CavemanJoe


The expiry / character saving with hyperrings system does work as intended - it's just that the way it works is dumb, and leaves many, many holes for people to fall into. It's quite high up on my list of things to improve and I hope to make it suck less this year, but for now, if you use the Report a Problem link and let us know which characters were deleted, we can try to recreate them.

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