Subject: Making a Youtube Video on Improbable Island?

Posted on: November 10 2014 @ 11:45 PM
By: Lester+Roquefort


Yeah, i plan on doing one on "How to get along on I.I.", but thing is:

1. I do have a way to record my doings in any game or whatnot.
2. I don't like to talk. I hear this is pretty much a prerequisite on youtube, sadly.
3. I do have a way to put text in my movies and i can manage by youtube's editing, but it's a very painfull process when you have to upload an uncut movie that's 3 hours long. (I'm pretty sure "How to play I.I." will be longer)

So basically, i need a video editor that's preferably *free and that can put narrative text on 'em, funky effects excluded. Also, i need to cut my movies down to *5 minutes or less. A video recorder would be nice too, but i think i got that one figured.

(*By free, i mean TOTALLY free, i don't like going through the internet more than i have to. Personal issues, you understand.)
(*I try my best to trim down to 5 minutes, because quite honestly, nobody watches people play games for 30 minutes on youtube when you can be watching kitties.)


Re: Making a Youtube Video on Improbable Island?

Posted on: November 16 2014 @ 08:32 PM
By: Full+Metal+Lion


Well, Lester, let me point you in the direction of Wikipedia's list of free and open-source video editors. I can not recommend any of them authoritatively, as I haven't used any of them.

As to screen recording, I could also point you to Wikipedia's list of screencasting software, but I'd actually recommend (for Windows) using Open Broadcasting Software, which is technically a "software vision mixer" (which is somewhat more powerful than a screencaster)

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