Subject: Color Contrast - Skins

Posted on: January 05 2015 @ 06:38 PM
By: bant


I am a big fan of Experimental Black, but it has one problem (as does Console):

Some of the color choices for text are very difficult to read against the black/gray background.

Most specifically, the color for quantity #s in the inventory is exceedingly difficult to read.
Here's an example where I changed the original colMdBlue to colLtCyan

Other colors that are difficult to read in Experimental Black:
colBrightRed `8
colMdGrey 'j
colDkOrange `q
colDkLinkBlue `l

Some of these colors are only difficult to read when they're by themselves or surrounded by higher contrast colors, so they don't necessarily need to be replaced everywhere.

Just to be really clear, I don't want any limits on what players can do with colors, I'm just asking that we reconsider some of the color choices that the skin uses for highlighting text and numbers.


Re: Color Contrast - Skins

Posted on: January 06 2015 @ 10:55 PM
By: Maniak


On my calibrated monitor, that light blue is much easier to read than that dark blue.

Edit: Oh wait, that's your suggestion. Right, well, I completely agree then. Compliments to your choice of colour.

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