Subject: Player/Character Chat unintended consequence

Posted on: January 18 2015 @ 11:53 AM
By: Denealus


So! Since we're trying this as an experiment, it was suggested to do a feedback page. I do want to make it clear that by writing this page, I do intend this as legitimate issues. As in these are some things I've noticed happening as a result. Bugs, feedback, etc. I'm not intending to make this a mere griping thread and if you want to do that, that's on your own time.

That said, we ran into something I hadn't really thought of last night. A new player came in asking how to customize their character.

And my first thought was "...I do wonder how it looks to new players wanting to customize their character, trying to enter something in the link, and not seeing anything pop up. No rollovers or anything. Finding out how to change your character is more obscure because swapping wouldn't be as intuitive."

Which makes a conundrum, since we do want this to be the chat for character's to see. Maybe if this change becomes permanent, it'd be good to also have something directing new players "This is why you won't see your character rollover." Maybe under the Customize Character link? Also maybe switching from Player Chat to Character Chat should be added as a chat tutorial, like reading the rules usually has been.

Anyhow, wanted to bring this up as food for thought!


Re: Player/Character Chat unintended consequence

Posted on: February 02 2015 @ 12:02 AM
By: Shi


Just wanted to add my two cents about the lack of character/player rollover in chat: as I largely stick to the chat channel, I've noticed it hurts my ability to yell about arts, which might not be a terrible thing, but as the island is by far my biggest source of commissions I find it a little worrying that the easiest place for people to look over new avatar pics and talk about them ooc has been largely removed. The island has always been an incredibly supportive environment for artists and while I doubt that's going to change just because of one small difference, I do miss not being able to jump up and down and shout about people's pretty new pictures.

Re: Player/Character Chat unintended consequence

Posted on: January 22 2015 @ 07:14 PM
By: Genevieve


I just had an idea and I figured this'd be a good thread for it. I know the plan is to have one account in S3 with all the alts as like, sub accounts. One login and all. And I noticed a lot of folks are put off by the lack of rollover in Player Chat.

I don't know if it is feasible but I think it'd be fun to have a Player Rollover in Player chat, which would be a little blurb about the writer, if they wanted to include one. I think it'd be a fun way for people to remember which is IC and which is OOC, and also help prepare for the concept of a single log in that is the Player and differentiating it from the characters

Just a thought really.

Re: Player/Character Chat unintended consequence

Posted on: January 20 2015 @ 03:18 AM
By: Temper


My first, and possibly biggest issue is that we can't stack all the chats so they're all visible at once. If we can, then I'm just a little slow, I suppose. Supposedly (and I put it like this because I have heard secondhand that this was happening) CMJ is going to make it so you can see both Banters instead of one Banter and Story. Frankly, I'd much, much, much rather have the ability to see all three at the same time. Of course, I'll admit to also not wanting to give any kind of incentive to anyone shut out Story altogether.

Another thing I have seen mentioned is that people are picking the emote-friendly chat specifically because it allows emotes. Not necessarily because they want to do any sort of actual roleplaying, but because they like to be able to emote things. Heck, I like the ability to emote things, and I've usually been one of the more outspoken people against roleplaying in Banter.

Beyond that, the only thing I see as an issue at the moment is the rollover bit, beyond that it's too early to say for certain how things will turn out.

Re: Player/Character Chat unintended consequence

Posted on: January 19 2015 @ 05:50 PM
By: Count+Sessine


An unexpected benefit! (In retrospect, I shouldn't have expected anything else, but somehow I didn't.) Players have divided their comments just about equally between the two chat spaces. As a consequence, both of the spaces move at about half the speed of the old Banter and include about half the number of separate simultaneous conversations -- which makes them both much easier to follow! Huzzah!

I've also noticed a few players on both sides slinging sneers at the folks "over there in the other chat."

Just to be absolutely clear, if anyone's in the slightest doubt: No, it is not okay to do that. Ever. It's being a dick. We don't allow Islanders to be dicks to each other. That's Rule One, and it is still going to be enforced everywhere on the Island.

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