Subject: Out Of a White Badnav, Into a Looping Badnav?

Posted on: August 19 2015 @ 05:27 PM
By: DamonLive


So, I sent a petition for this thing, I wasn't sure whether to ask for a mod or make it a private petition, but I figured the mods generally get bugged enough so I left it as private petition so they could deal with it whenever.
Unfortunately I'm still stuck here, so I hope it's not in poor taste to post this here. Also hello! This is my first time on these forums.

Basically what happened was I was running out of stamina and had no saved "New Days", I left Kittania to go to a place on the map to sleep, I think I went into "The Cube", but I'm not sure. After which I clicked on a spare Suitcase to sleep in, but since it was taking a while to load, I looked at the chat where it said "If you want to chat read this FAQ" or something along those lines, so I opened it in a new tab so I didn't have to wake up when my game loaded.

I read the FAQ, no problem, closed out the tab. But in the other tab, the game had loaded up the FAQ again, even though from when you're sleeping I don't think there was a way to access it. Needless to say I tried to hit "Go back to where you came from", which prompted me to be stuck in a white badnav. The only "Redirect" option was to look at my stamina, not very useful. So I was kind of stuck.

Again, not wanting to bother the mods for a problem I could possibly fix myself, I went online to look how to solve badnavs, this was my first one so I wasn't aware it was kind of impossible.

I ran into a petition someone made a few years ago about getting a badnav after having over 10k items or something like that? Didn't really help, but I ended up clicking on the "Customize Character" option that showed up, because I was hoping it would bring me to the normal game and free me. Unfortunately it ended up changing the badnav screen, now I don't have the helpful text telling me to redirect, but I'm stuck on the "Customize Character" screen, and if I hit "Go back to where you came from", it brings me back to that one petition about the items. My health and stamina haven't recharged, it hasn't told me there's a new day, and I'm a tad stuck.

I didn't really want to bug anyone with this, but, help? I'm not sure if I need images like I do for the petition, but if I do just let me know.


Re: Out Of a White Badnav, Into a Looping Badnav?

Posted on: August 19 2015 @ 07:30 PM
By: Zoinks


Okay so... the FAQ causing people to badnav is seeming to be pretty common, according to the admin. He is defiantly working on trying to fix it. In the meantime a simple fix is for a mod to fix your navs. I'm going to go contact one now for them to help you.

Thank you for reporting it!

Re: Out Of a White Badnav, Into a Looping Badnav?

Posted on: August 19 2015 @ 08:23 PM
By: DamonLive


Thank you for responding! I didn't want to annoy anyone with this, as I can see it's a problem a couple of people have been having, but thank you.
I do have another issue now, less important but still perplexing on this forum.
My account was seemingly deleted? As you can see the poster is now by "Anonymous"? And after making a new account again, since the site told me "DamonLive" never existed, I only have this one post.
Did I do something wrong that automatically deleted said account?

I know in the profile screen you can delete an account but is their an automated deletion service if you don't verify something other than the email and the password change?

Also sorry if this post is now in the wrong section, but I assume it's better than making multiple topics one right after the other.

Re: Out Of a White Badnav, Into a Looping Badnav?

Posted on: August 19 2015 @ 08:31 PM
By: Zoinks


Forget about all your worries. You're not being annoying.

I have no idea about the deletion issue. Soon enough some mods will be around to answer your questions and fix your navs.
This is one of those rare times none of them are on. Oh well!

Re: Out Of a White Badnav, Into a Looping Badnav?

Posted on: August 21 2015 @ 04:33 AM
By: Count+Sessine


Woops. My apologies - the Enquirer thing was me. We get one or two hundred spam robo-accounts created every day on the Enquirer forum, and I have to delete them manually. Once in a while I make a mistake and accidentally include a real person's new account. Sorry! DamonLive won't be deleted from the Enquirer again.

The Enquirer account and your character in the game are separate entities. As you've probably discovered by now, since another mod seems to have taken care of your other difficulty.

Re: Out Of a White Badnav, Into a Looping Badnav?

Posted on: August 23 2015 @ 08:32 AM
By: Obsidian+Cain


I'm having the same problem. After a long absence, I restarted the game as "Thunder Bard".
I clicked on the link to go to the shack. Nothing seemed to happen, so I figured I miss-clicked and clicked it again...
...and now I'm stuck.

It seems to be a frame issue. The only stuff on the page is the stuff that should be displayed on the right hand side. It takes up the whole page. As with the user above, the only link visible is the "Stamina" one, which does not help. Logging in just sends me back to the "badnav" page. I've tried tinkering with different browsers and settings but there seems to be nothing I can do to fix this.

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