Subject: BadNavs and how to deal with them.

Posted on: January 24 2016 @ 02:49 AM
By: Lea.wolfsfeld


The island is a wonderful place but it does have it's occasional...problems.

Out of all the possible problems one of the most annoying problems is the BadNav. It's when your account is basically gets stuck and the only way to get out is to have your navs reset. You need a moderator to do this.

While there are multiple ways of grabbing a mods attention, using the Tell Us About a Problem is usually the fastest and most reliable way of doing so.

"But I can't navigate from that page at all..." You're able to use the Report a Problem even while stuck really hard in a bad nav. It opens in a new tab and everything. The private petition is your best bet. Just explain your situation to the best of your ability. Try to include how you got stuck (if you remember how you managed to pull it off) as it can help the great admin smash the bugs.

Biggest part to remember. Don't panic. There are plenty of moderators who can help you out and it's an easy fix.


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