Subject: Calling all Mii Makers!

Posted on: May 18 2016 @ 01:44 AM
By: Lea.wolfsfeld


This is mainly for the folks with access to the newer mii-makers on the 3ds and the wii-u.

I've re-downloaded Tomodachi Life and would love to populate the game with characters created by you lovely folks! Now then what I need are the QR codes for a mii, Name, Nickname, the Mii's D.O.B (if they don't have one, make one up! Try not to go too old though XD)

The other part I'll need is to have a personality picked from this list here

For those that don't know Tomodachi Life is a nifty day to day game where collected miis can interact with each other. I can throw different clothing at them, foods and a number of different mini games.


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