Subject: Possible Features (Place Edition)

Posted on: November 30 2016 @ 12:03 PM
By: Lea.wolfsfeld


Been thinking about what may or may not be useful in terms of new features I'd like to see and I'd thought I'd list 'em out here

-A way to sort out place inventory maybe? Tabs are good. Separate Mementos from C&C and so on. Maybe also include a way of filtering?

-Font Sizes for place decorating? Maybe we could have three settings for font size to help organise text. Maybe if the place creator wants to pull attention to something or for some other reason. Sometimes bold text just isnít good enough.

-More background overlays? The trees are nice but maybe there could be more and itíd encourage players to program if they wanted to make use of it.

-Bed Kicking. This one is probably one of the trickier ones but could be something that would be able to Solve a lot of problems in the long run. You should have a way of removing a player from a bed if you own it without going out of your way to do so. Iím finding a lot of the open to the public beds occupied by people who rarely log on and itíd maybe be a benefit to have some sorta auto-kick feature as well.
Let us properly customise them dammit.
Controlled Access Beacons - Make it so that you can control who uses your beacon when itís fuelled up. Maybe you can cut access keys for it?

-STOP PROGRAMS GLOBALLY. Itís not a problem that comes up often, but sometimes I come across the problem of two characters in the same room tripping separate programs. What Iíd like to be able to do is set priority to programs that if they run, no other program is allowed to overwrite it because the other person reloaded the page.


Re: Possible Features (Place Edition)

Posted on: December 01 2016 @ 08:07 AM
By: Snow+Gray


I am sure everyone who builds public dormitories would be in favor of being able to auto-kick inactive players.
And I definitely agree on the place inventory sorting.

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