Subject: ENQUIRER SIGNUP ISSUE (Copied from 'Requesting New Hunter's Lodge Item to Ki

Posted on: October 19 2017 @ 10:56 PM
By: csodalatos


Quote by: Count+Sessine

Parenthetic off-topic explanatory note: New registrations for the Enquirer have indeed been shut off (temporarily, I hope!) because:

* For many years we've been plagued with spam signups, to the tune of 50 to 100 per day. After one annoying episode when we apparently reached some critical mass causing 5000 spammers to activate their forum-spam scripts all at once, I added deleting these spam ids manually to my daily routine.

* The recent transition to the new server messed up my ability to delete; the Geeklog forum software started throwing an error when I tried. That meant the spammers were now building up their number of spam ids again. I thought, "Uh-oh."

* So at my request, as a stopgap measure, CMJ has shut off new user signups.

The trouble is that, like LotGD, Geeklog is Pleistocene-era PHP code, but unlike the Island, it's not a code base CMJ has been dealing with every day for years. So the time-cost to find and fix whatever location-reference is going wrong is somewhat higher.

The other trouble, I suspect, is that when CMJ looks at the signup process for the Enquirer, he thinks, "Oh, I really should just make Enquirer signup an option when people create an account on the Island." Which would be elegant. But then that quickly devolves into the whole mess of account versus character, which leads to thoughts of Season Three, and S3 is still one year away until further notice...

So I understand the problem, and I don't know how this gets resolved. But if the small reference error that's blocking my ability to delete can somehow be found and fixed, I will be quite happy to go back to zapping those evil spammers every night for two minutes before I go to bed.

In the meantime, yes, Widdershins, and anyone else who already has an Enquirer ID, please do post on behalf of any new player who has something they want to contribute. That's a lovely courtesy, and thank you very much for doing it.

(End parenthetic off-topic note.)

I will note that in the previous thread, Widdershins and Lyssa offered to post on behalf of any newbies with thoughts for the Enquirer -- just Distract them on the Island -- and I am also willing to do so (Island name is Csodas).



Re: ENQUIRER SIGNUP ISSUE (Copied from 'Requesting New Hunter's Lodge Item to Ki

Posted on: March 16 2018 @ 03:35 AM
By: csodalatos


Reposting this, because as far as I'm aware, new signups have been closed again to choke off spam.


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