Subject: Suggestions for Horizontal Skin

Posted on: March 10 2018 @ 01:52 PM
By: Widdershins


Hello CaveManJoe,
Thank you for your response on mouse-overs, it's good to know that our questions are heard, and that you're working on it, even if we see no immediate change.
Thank you for all the new decade features!
My condolences about your cat, the MotD on Leo and Stewart made me cry and smile alike.

Thank you for the new Horizontal skin! I like it much better than the old one. I just noticed a few issues, so with some adjustments you could make an awesome skin even better:

1) List of buffs:
Great that you can see all your buffs without having to scroll down! In theory. In practice I wear so many buffs that it cuts off at Repellent Spray, and I have to re-click every time I want to check the other buffs. Can you make it so that it stays extended even after loading a new page? (Until you click it back to smaller.) Yea, that'll mess up the lay-out, but the buff info is more important than the flavour text that is hidden by the extended buff window.
Alternatively, you could reverse the order of buffs, so the renewable drink buffs show up on top of the window, and the long-time or perma-buffs like Clan Aura, Squat Bonus, or Zombie Donkey are hidden by the bottom cut-off.

2) Rooktrader:
The bottom squares now extend beyond the bottom of the screen. In smaller font, the squares are quite distorted, horizontally. The table could do with a horizontal maximum size rather than using the full width of the page. Or maybe decrease the table size horizontally as well, when you press the "-" button.

3) Fight screen:
Now with the bigger font I have to scroll to see if my Late Pinball has hit. And when I make it small enough to see the Fight Items the top bar becomes tiny. If I could just change the order of the left bar (is that possible via user script?) or adjust sizes of top bar and main window independently...

Talking about scripts: Too bad that the Truancy Meter stopped working even with the Vertical Skin, or is that just a glitch on my machine? Who knows how to fix the script or adapt it to the new skin?

Issues 2) and 3) are things I can live with, but I'd be really happy if you improved the visibility of buffs!


Re: Suggestions for Horizontal Skin

Posted on: March 11 2018 @ 12:15 PM
By: CloudySky


On topic : having the buffs ordered by which one runs out first would be great. (But I suppose it might be a bit too heavy on processing power to be doable.)

I also kinda miss the ability to hide the equipment list, so I can have the buffs higher up on the page in Vertical.

On the topic of the truancy meter script, I fixed that one in the first week. (I didn't touch the multimeter script, that's possible still broken on Horizontal. I guess FML or myself will have a look at it one of these days.)

Some things you can try:
- download the last version from the wiki
- if you're still using Greasemonkey, try it in Tampermonkey instead. I didn't look into why, but on the last Firefox version, Greasemonkey didn't seem to execute the script at all, for me.
- you're welcome to send me a Distraction regarding further issues.

Re: Suggestions for Horizontal Skin

Posted on: March 14 2018 @ 03:08 AM
By: CavemanJoe


I ordered the buffs by running-out-first-ness. Smile The rest will have to wait a little longer.

Re: Suggestions for Horizontal Skin

Posted on: March 14 2018 @ 02:08 PM
By: Widdershins


Yay, thanks a lot! That way you can even see if you're about to run of Cats!

For the other issues I realized: Ever since the Coronation Bowl I can just hit L and something will fire.
And in Rooktrader I can just change window size to undistort things. All good for the time being!

I'm on Tampermonkey, might have mixed up Truancy and Multimeter scripts... Thanks for the update, Cloudy, I'll get latest the Truancy version.

Re: Suggestions for Horizontal Skin

Posted on: March 18 2018 @ 03:57 PM
By: CloudySky


Heh. Looks like that was all the modification needed to get me to use Horizontal skin.

I would have said before that I'd never use it because I'm short on vertical screen real-estate, not horizontal. But just having the buff that'll be first to run out right there on top is apparently quite enough of an advantage for me to put up with the way the right of the screen is now so weirdly empty and switch.

Thank you, Joe!

Re: Suggestions for Horizontal Skin

Posted on: March 20 2018 @ 10:29 PM
By: Widdershins


Some say there is love at first sight - I say there is a love that grows stronger with every quick glance I cast at my expiring buffs!

And who would have guessed that something good could come from a broken computer screen - now I have enough pixels to mostly fix the size issues.

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