Subject: Improbable Interludes and getting thrown in the shed

Posted on: August 12 2009 @ 06:37 AM
By: Pinche+Cabron


I wasn't sure if this was a bug or just an improbable string of bad luck, so I decided to bitch about it here.

I'm trying to complete Dan's quest in New Pitts before my DK. I'm at 15th level with 181,966 xp.

I'm spending considerable req to extend my stamina, but I keep running into "Something Improbable" interludes in the jungle, as many as 5 in a row! On top of that, I keep getting grabbed by mobs that throw me into the improbability shed, forcing me to use the now costly one shots, either to escape from Horatio or to return to New Pitts from whatever random outpost I find myself. Three times this last game day!

In short: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Cry

But seriously, five interludes in a row? And 12 interludes total? That's like a loss of around 20% stamina. That's four cans of rocket fuel right there. And at today's prices?

I say again: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Angry

Fighting the inevitable is extremely frustrating. I've even taken to chain smoking to get thru more kills per jungle session. I think I could already be 15th level again if I had just gone and killed the drive immediately.

I think the only thing that consoles me and keeps me going is my truly immense size 50 hat.


Re: Improbable Interludes and getting thrown in the shed

Posted on: August 12 2009 @ 07:22 AM
By: Zolotisty


It's bad luck. Wink Happens to all of us.

So, at this point.. just to save req, what I would do, is let the villagers carry me around. You get carted to a random Outpost every time and you can trigger it by running hysterically in and out of various links on village.php. It's an inefficient and maddening way of traveling, but it IS free and you DO get a buff. Is it likely you'll be brought back to New Pittsburgh? No. But, your odds on being brought to anywhere BUT Kittania and CC404 are pretty good -- and there are relatively low stam routes back to New Pittsburgh from just about everywhere else. If you get carried to CC404 and the Drive isn't there, you can choose to approach the Lab and chicken out. You'll be brought straight back to Improbable Central with a little bit of a charm decrease, but that's free and fast.

To further extend my stam to mow through more fights and make it likelier to run into my beastie, I'd be Easy Fight and Run Awayin' it up. I also wouldn't be fussing over trying to beat the Drive if I got thrown in front of it -- I'd let it beat me, and take solace in the notion that I'd be starting my next run with 25k and all of this stamina is permanent wealth anyway and I miiiight as wellll take a few more days to regain the XP I just lost since I've invested so many already.

But that's meeee.

ETA: If you approach any Lab in any Outpost and chicken out, you get yanked back to IC. GOLLY WILLIKERS, if someone assumed it was only that way for CC404, why, I don't know what I'd dooo.

Re: Improbable Interludes and getting thrown in the shed

Posted on: August 12 2009 @ 07:52 AM
By: Pinche+Cabron


Yes, I think you advised me to [E]at and [R]un. I tried that before, but my hat ambitions got the better of me and I wanted the big req, so I fought. I think I'll try it again, as at the current req burn rate I'll be a pauper soon anyway.

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