Subject: Backpacking in Ireland!

Posted on: September 27 2009 @ 01:59 AM
By: Nadyanilo


Ok guys, so here is the whatsit-howsit.

My best friend an I want a minor adventure before we go and get settled down with bills and husbands and major responsibilities.

I told her of my dream to earn enough money for a one way ticket to Ireland, where I would earn enough money for my way back, or where I would stay forever.

she liked this plan, and decided to go with me. Well, we started plannign and discussing this a few nights ago, and I was wondering if any on you guys had any input?

Of course, so far, we are going to buy 2 way tickets, but the time that were staying is 3 months, and were going to only use bicycles and pretty much rough it, for fun.

Whaddya think?


Re: Backpacking in Ireland!

Posted on: September 27 2009 @ 10:57 PM
By: Daedalus


Do it!

You do not want to wake up 20 years from now and think, gee... I wish I had (insert option forgone here) all those years ago.


PS: suggestions: (These may not be relevant to your particular situation.)

1. If you're not a UK/EU citizen, get in touch with the relevant Embassy/High Commission and ask about work and visa requirements.

2. Also if you're not from UK/EU, you may be required to have a ticket home before entry.

3. Get a touring bike now and start doing doing some day trips and a few over-nighters. This will allow you to figure out some practicalities regarding what and how much you can/need to cart around, as well as help physical preparation.

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