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 Improbability Bomb Enquiry
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 Thursday, November 03 2011 @ 11:52 PM UTC (Read 4468 times)  
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Tacked to a small bulletin board in Improbable Central, you find the following note between an advertisement for a kittymorph escort service and a picture of several filthy midget whores with the charming tagline 'squathole brothel - cum to us':

Attention all Contestants:
Due to the recent low prices of improbability bombs, I have decided to launch an investigation into the nature of the devices. However, due to recently sustained injuries, I have decided to recuperate at sea and I cannot myself throw a sufficient number of bombs to ensure a decent sample size there. I appeal to the good individuals of the Island for help! Buy yourself some improbability bombs from eBoy's, and throw them at something! Make a note of what happened, when the ensuing battle is over, and then post it to this board. Initial experimentation has shown that you'll make a considerable profit from these activities, too! You'll gain charm, req, and cigs. Remember, experimenters, don't carry large sums of req with you, it'll only attract trouble.

Results will be made publicly available.

If anyone knows of a prior study, please let me know!

Thank you,
--Cont. DDR

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 Friday, November 04 2011 @ 03:22 AM UTC  
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Buddleia grins when she sees the message. She has been obsessively mapping, researching, exploring and taking statistics ever since she arrived on Improbable Island (not discouraged even by repeated encounters with Mathematicians and Weathermen). By now, her recorded sample size is nearly eight thousand.

After a trip home to consult her files, and write a thorough report, she pins up the following reply, a strange mixture of exact anecdotes and informal statistics:

Improbabombs have changed at least three times in the last couple of years. They used to very rarely do a massive explosion, but that stopped happening at around the time Titans started appearing.

Then they started doing more damage to you when they blew up in your face. I think the record before that was 500, so a good workout at the Gauntlet would stop you getting Boated too often; now, it seems, however much you make yourself tough, they can always blow up harder.

They also used to run at around 25% cool white light, and around 12% the other possibilities. Nowdays, for n=1400, you're looking at approx p=0.25 acting like a simple BANG, and around p=0.12 sparks, cigs, charm, req, LPMs and asplodies.

For further details, please contact Buddleia (available at KIND Tower [14,8] or her house [19,6]).

She pauses to reread the original notice, and scribbles an addendum to her reply:

Please note that excessive Improbabomb usage tends to have side-effects. Most noticeably, I have not seen the Dojo for months, and the Watcher is somewhat displeased by my several-times-daily ocean cruises.

Improbable Reference Links - goo.gl/MRBnb -------------- Land Registry (map of Places) ---- goo.gl/bpkRR
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 Friday, November 04 2011 @ 07:32 AM UTC  
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Wow. Just... wow. This is a bigger sample size than I dreamed of, and over a longer period than I could have dreamt of. Big Grin
See you tomorrow.

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