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 Just a few questions for you guys
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Awesome Fred
 Sunday, November 13 2011 @ 03:35 PM UTC  
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Why do you like to role-play?

I barely do anymore. But it's nice using my imagination to provide constraints as if it were to fit another person. Or, as what normal people who'd never heard of the abbreviation "RP" would call it, it's nice to be acting, pretending, playing make believe.

How old are you, and do you play table top RPs, online RPs, or both?

I'm 20. I play this game. When I was in middle school and high school, the RP I would do would be akin to typing actions on AIM with little asterisks around them to signify I was performing them. *chuckles* In freshman year of high school, I began to play World of Warcraft, and joined an RP server. In it, I was part of a long-established guild of RPers, and that's where I really began to explore the whole "create the character's backstory, their personality, do all that" thing. By the end of the fourth year of that game, with my guild dissolving apart due to a raiding guild merger and subsequent split, I lost most of my interest in RPing.

Funnily enough, my favorite place to RP is not in tabletop nor online, but in the Elder Scrolls series of games by Bethesda. (I don't have Skyrim yet. Evil ) In Morrowind and Oblivion, the worlds are so well fleshed-out that it's easy to think of one-self as just "a person" in a big world, and so I give myself playstyle constraints that form around a character concept. "This character's gonna be a loner hunter-witch who doesn't respect the Empire's civilization, who hunts necromancers and demons. So, she'll mainly use archery and destruction magic, and won't be afraid to run from a fight in order to come back another day." Most of my characters in those games never finish the main quest, because they're fun to just explore with and raid dungeons, as well as decorate houses. I truly RP the most in single-player games like that.

What kind of person would you consider yourself to be? (Please don't get offended by this question. What I mean is what stereotype would you consider yourself to be?)

I'm the son of a scientist with a scientist sister. I'm an avid gamer and a Comp Sci major. I like facts, data, and science. My life's aspiration is to be an exhausted suburban dad with a white-collar 9-to-5. I like to believe that when my friends call me boring, they mean it endearingly.

How seriously do you take RPs?

In my World of Warcraft guild, we had a mix on a sliding scale: Heavy RPers to Light RPers. I was a Medium RPer. Then I played with a couple Heavy RPers, and resultantly I became a Light RPer. I learned a strong association between serious RP and Mary Sues. In fact, I hated the whole plot-line aspect of RPing--I didn't want to come up with a troubling past that would explain why I joined the Horde. I look at roleplay in games as a series of sketches with consistent characters. This guy's stiff and uptight, that guy says inappropriate things, this one is nice and caring, that one's REALLY into collecting flowers, this guy's really bland, and that guy? That guy just really has to stop putting his hand in his pocket in order to play with his balls. WE CAN ALL SEE IT. STOP IT.

I'd love to get back into serious RP situations, with people really coming together to craft a story where we all participate. But with so many awful, awful serious RPers who think that good RP is being that special hooded man in the shadowy corner of the tavern with different-colored eyes, a scar, unrequited love, and vengeance consuming his life, there's few places where I'm eager to participate in roleplay.

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 Sunday, November 13 2011 @ 04:39 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
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Quote by: Awesome+Fred

But with so many awful, awful serious RPers who think that good RP is being that special hooded man in the shadowy corner of the tavern with different-colored eyes, a scar, unrequited love, and vengeance consuming his life, there's few places where I'm eager to participate in roleplay.

I daresay you've come to the right place. There aren't very many like that on the Island, and the ones who are, well... they stick with eachother. Makes them easy to avoid.

The Island is actually some of the only actual RPing I do. Ever since I was very young, I really did love reading, but even moreso I enjoyed creating something, putting ideas together and mashing together settings out of my own thoughts. Worldbuilding, I guess it is, and then being able to write the adventures of characters in those worlds... so, yeah, I'm a writer, and an avid reader, because that's how you get better. RPing has a special place in my heart because it's collaborative and interactive, which means you get to reflect your skills off other writers and allow what you like about them to influence you. I don't mean that a writer's skills needs to be bits and pieces copied from whoever inspires him or her, but I definitely think a huge part of writing and writing well is allowing those you admire influence and contribute to your own unique style.

And there's a lot of people here I admire.

And maybe stepping into the shoes of someone else, even for a shortest amount of time, is a cathartic escapism, I perhaps-shamefully must admit.

I'm 24. In internet years, that's like, ancient! I do online RPs every now and again (even the Island has become something of a rare thing for me; a terrible habit, really) and I quite enjoy them for the reasons above. I did an online DnD game once and did some RPing there, but with the stats and dice rolls having to influence everything a character did, I just didn't think it was fun. Though there's something to be said for having to contend with a random element like that.

I guess in high school I would have been a 'geek', but I don't know what I aspire to these days. I play a lot of videogames, read and write a lot, and I work as a baker.

I catch myself eye-rolling at some people, but beyond that, I don't find myself so very heavily invested. Like I said, it's about the collaboration - the actual writing - rather than the character, for me.

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 Wednesday, November 16 2011 @ 12:16 AM UTC  
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Thanks everyone for answering my questions. Sadly I have to change my topic as I can't find enough information to make the paper as long as it needs to be.

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 Wednesday, November 16 2011 @ 05:53 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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Actually, I can name a couple for you, if you'd rather keep this topic.

The book Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress, by Shelly Mazzanoble. Is labeled as being for girls, and focuses mainly on the game Dungeons and Dragons, but is actually an excellent all-around guide to tabletop roleplaying games (how to play them, how to get started in a group, etc.).

The website spoonyexperiment.com. The Spoony One (a.k.a. Noah Antwiler) is currently doing a video series on tabeltop roleplaying games/the most horrific things that have ever happened to the guys he plays with/the most horrific things they've ever done to each other. It's called "Counter Monkeys". It is extremely detailed and far-reaching in his explaining how tabeltop roleplaying games, as well as roleplaying games in general work (from the games themeslves all the way through to the people who play them), AND is really damn funny.

If you still have the chance, check these out!

"Ain't nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile." -The Grateful Dead
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 Thursday, November 17 2011 @ 05:18 PM UTC  
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In no kind of order:
I'm 30.
I don't roleplay at all (this is roleplay? Shit, I've been doing it wrong). No, seriously. I don't roleplay anywhere bar here, and have been known to express certain negative opinions about people who do.
I'm a fairly normal person, very into outdoor sports, work in IT, outgoing with a certain frisson of bullshit to cover personal insecurities, introvert but not shy, just... Yeah. Me.

Why do I like to roleplay. Hmmm, that's the tricky one. A lot of my character persona is very much like my Real World persona, aside from the being a wolf part, so to me this isn't "roleplay" as such. It's an opportunity to collaborate with people a darn sight more creative than me and an outlet for a side of me which doesn't get allowed out much in day-to-day life. In terms of plot development I'm less of a 'creator' of plots than a 'follower/innovator', but II is a 'safe' location where I can come up with daft ideas without the risk of getting fired, unlike my 9-to-5. There's also an element of "things I want to read" - I'm a, fairly typical for here, Adams/Pratchett/Gaiman fan, and I found a lot of players here who write with the same degree of intelligence and humour. I aspire to do the same, albeit with mixed results.

How seriously do I take it? Depends in what part of it you mean. I try to develop a good backstory for my character and stick to it without convenient ret-conning. I dislike Mary-Sue-ism, blatant disregard for convention or rule, complete suspension of morality or behaviour codes using the "it's only a game" defence and impoliteness. I like silliness, wit, intelligent conversation and having a good time. So, yeah. Probably more seriously than I like to admit.

Hope that helps, if you can distill any sense from the waffle.


... Grace is just the measure of a fall ...
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 Friday, November 25 2011 @ 08:33 PM UTC  
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Huzzah for English reports!

I like to role-play because I like writing. I like inventing characters. I like watching other characters develop. I find it easier and more fun to write with other than to write by myself. I love seeing how characters can spontaneously create, drive, and change a plot.

As of this moment, I am 25 years old. I have never really played a table-top RP, but I have been playing online RP for some time.

I'm a nerd. No question about that.

Is it possible to take it seriously and not take it seriously at the same time? I am serious about my own writing, but not very serious about RP in general, if that makes any sort of sense. I write for myself, honestly. It's a bonus when others are also entertained by my nonsense.

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 Saturday, November 26 2011 @ 04:47 AM UTC  
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Oh, pick me! Wait, what?

Why do you like to role-play?

Uhm, I discovered it by accident really. I've had characters and an entire world in my mind for a really long time. I get bored and unmotivated to write it all down as a novel or short stories though. The only thing that's ever continuously motivated my to keep writing, is feedback from another person. I want interaction, or I get bored or run out of ideas. But when I have others to bounce off of, I never run out of motivation or ideas. So I love that about roleplay, is it's ever-changing, interactive, and doesn't get old to me. Few other things in life are like that for me.

How old are you, and do you play table top RPs, online RPs, or both?

Early twenties, and I RP'd online with friends or occationally on forums in the past. But now I'm kind of exclusive to here, since it's more fun, continuous and less frustrating to do so in a good roleplaying community, from my experience. I never had anyone to tabletop with, and frankly, I don't like all the math and paper details and.. Argh. I just like writing bits.

What kind of person would you consider yourself to be?

I never know how to answer these questions. I'm so far off the cliquey stereotype whatever scale into my own personal 'I don't care what people think' lifestyle, I wouldn't know which of those I'd fit into.

How seriously do you take RPs?

Eh, kinda seriously. I put a lot of heart and thought into my chars and stories, and I like continuity in details and story. So I do put a lot of thought into it and don't just write whatever and screw around. But I also try not to kill other people's fun by being one of those jerks that complains about non-cannon to the point of crying or trying to mod people into following their overstrict interpretation of the rules.

Basically, I put a lot of soul into it and get attached, but I have fun and try to let others have fun too.

"It's hard to get pumped about this, without someone nice n' fuzzy around."
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