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 The making of a fine charecter
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 Saturday, July 14 2012 @ 03:42 AM UTC  
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To add one more thing to this fine thread:
"Openly hate your character. Want to make them squirm in the most entertaining way possible before getting their 'prize'. Only then will it be worth it."

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Anonymous: Escemfer
 Sunday, July 15 2012 @ 04:00 AM UTC  

Gen really hit the nail on the head there. The most important thing to keep in mind when roleplaying, more than any other bit of advice, is to have fun. I have loads of fun writing Esc, for example. She wasn't always the same character she is now, or even a good character; I started with a vague idea, and through going out and roleplaying, I discovered new ways to write, and which aspects were the most fun, and eventually came up with an imaginative, not quite bright, friendly ball-of-sunshine character. I write what I enjoy writing with her, and I don't write what I don't.

I also don't write for an audience. Some people enjoy that, and for those people, yes, grammar and presentation and plot and style are all important. But I write just to write. The writing style I've developed is aimed at participation: making it clear and readable and relateable, because what I enjoy most is writing with other people. Some people enjoy writing action sequences and body language. I enjoy writing dialogue. My lines are (maybe unfortunately) dialogue-heavy, because that's what I have the most fun with.

One of the biggest things I enjoy is character development, and so I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about my characters. Not all of that brainstorming and development makes it onto the Island in the form of a scene, and not all of it has to. It's enough for me to know what kind of relationship Esc has with her husband, and what she thinks about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and how she did in school as a child, and whether she likes peas. Whether or not I ever write those things out on the Island, they all add up to the character I'm trying to portray, and knowing those things about her makes my writing stronger.

Then again, some people don't care as much about building a strong character, and are just here to blow off steam. And that's great too.

My point is, basically, to have fun. You'll write more compellingly when you're having fun. Your character will be better when you're having fun. And you'll be happier when you're having fun. Don't write what you don't want to write, or things that get you worked up and angry. Just enjoy yourself.

If you want to know what I personally look for in writing partners, though, it's simple: friendly, approachable writing. You don't have to have excellent grammar or spelling, and you don't have to always write something fluffy and light, or the most ingenious, well-thought-out plot ever conceived, but writing something open and inviting will make you so many friends. If you tend to write in a closed-off little group, always doing some kind of plot, or if your scenes are frequently dark and dramatic, I'm probably not going to play with you. Not because I hate you or think your character sucks or is dumb, but because that's just a really difficult thing to penetrate. However, if that's what you enjoy doing, go for it! And if you don't want to play with me anyway, that's okay too. We can all have fun in our own separate ways; one person's idea of fun doesn't need to rule over anyone else's.

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