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 What If (spoilers)
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 Friday, May 06 2016 @ 03:32 AM UTC  
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Quote by: Spondulix

Mutants have livestock cultivating skills?

Where do you think The Magical Mystery Meat Mounts or the various creations over at Mutated Munchies come from? They just appear out of thin air? No, we aren't so lucky, someone has to guide those abominations into their prime.

The Drive does not have an agenda.

Here is where I disagree, although I may be grasping at straws with this one. The way I see it, several key pieces of the narrative seem to point toward the "observer effect" acting as a catalyst for probability manipulation. And the Drive, either deliberately or as a side effect of its design, seems like it tries to generate "chance" as much as possible. After all, does it actually make sense to televise an unwinnable war and actually have it be The most popular entertainment in the world? That central conceit of the narrative has always struck me as ludicrous, or more accurately as highly improbable.

So basically I think the Improbability Bubble is just a concentration of the improbability created by the Drive, and the improbable radiation spreads out much, much farther. I also think the Drive is actively altering circumstances to protect itself, and that includes convincing the world that this war is actually a good idea and not the "Stupidest idea ever conceivedô".

I always imagined the Zombies of New Pittsburgh to be hardworking blue collar folk and that there is a Zombie Donkey assembly plant. One Zombie's job is rinse the donkey off, the next Zombie's job is to give it a little reassuring pat, the next one gives it a bite on the flank, the last Zombie takes it to the sales paddock. It's not a very big production plant, of course. So I can dig the idea of Mutants knowing a thing or three about animal husbandry. It's probably terrifyingly Lovecraftian in appearance and is a hundred times more haunting than taking a tour of a hot dog plant.

As for the Drive, I would think that if The Internet became self-aware then it wouldn't be a stretch for the Drive. As to its motives? It's a God Machine. Who can say? My take on the war effort is that they initially deployed whatever special forces remained to neutralize the threat. That ended disastrously. So they thought outside of the box. The Walk With Rohit implies that they made conventional war obsolete. That would put a lot of of the military-industrial complex out of work. I think that happened, but a lot of them landed on their feet by transitioning into the infant entertainment industry being re-established. I think much of the Network knew from the outset this war was unwinnable and their best strategy was to keep it contained out of fear that that bubble of influence would spread. Improbability isn't unnatural. Improbable things happen. It just becomes a problem when it happens nearly all the time. In any case, perhaps the Drive would overtake the world. Maybe it's fine futzing around in its little island in the Whichever Ocean. Or it thrives off the people futzing with it constantly. New apex of evolution? Catastrophic breakdown of reality? The Drive gets lonely at the sudden drop in attention and has a huge Hollywood meltdown? It's the Improbability Drive. It's very existence is defined by anything can happen.

That's what I like about II's setting. The possibilities are endless.

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