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 Some feedback on invasions (LONG post!)
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Hairy Mary
 Thursday, January 14 2010 @ 02:43 PM UTC  
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I don't know if this is proving to be a problem, but if it is, here's a suggestion. First of all, if you're on the world map on an outpost square, let there be a message telling you what the state of play in the outpost is, this has been suggested elsewhere. Second, when someone comes back from their pleasent cuppa with Horatio, instead of putting them actually in the outpost, put them on the outpost's map square. In the normal way of things this is a purely cosmetic change, the two are just one click away from each other. If the outpost has been breached however, then it gives at least some sort of breathing space, and a player can decide to avoid the outpost, maybe attempt to make it elsewhere (easier of they're a kittymorph, harder if they're a robot), or at worst just camp out until the breach is over and they can buy armour and weaponry.

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 Sunday, January 24 2010 @ 02:09 AM UTC  
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  • A few days ago some friends told me they were writing a scene, and I thought, oh, I'd like to go read that, but this outpost is under threat and I can't leave, it will fall.
  • Yesterday I came home from work, and I sat down at my computer. I thought, no, I am too tired to log into the Island and visit the outposts and do my part to reduce the monster population. I need to relax, I'll read a book instead.
  • This morning when I came home from the store I logged into the Island. The first outpost I visited was at a low threat level. I thought, I'd better check the others. The next was under a moderate threat level. I said, okay, I'll check the third one and then maybe come back here. The third one was breached. Beeker failed almost immediately. I brought him back. He failed immediately again.

This is a game. This is something I do to relax with friends. I should be enjoying myself. Instead it feels like a job.

The fighting aspects of the game do add something: they add a structure, something that our characters have in common, something they can discuss and remark upon. A game world isn't just a chat room: II has an imaginative setting that provides a wellspring of inspiration for the stories we create. Onslaught adds an extra dimension to that, which is why I said that I liked the idea in principle.

However, Onslaught overwhelms everything else I do in the game. True, it is less intense than it was when it began. I appreciate the tweaks that have been made since that time. But tweaks are, by definition, minor changes. And the minor changes mean that since the day it was implemented, Onslaught has changed, for me, from utterly unbearable to barely tolerable.

And that is an improvement. But barely tolerable is not tenable in the long run.

If outpost attacks were rare occurrences, and only came at one outpost at a time, so that everyone would go there to deal with it, then it would be something that people could still talk about and gather around. This could also incorporate the false alarms that some people have suggested. Then we wouldn't feel stretched so thin.

I realize that other people may be feeling happy now, and I'm not saying the game ought to be changed to suit me. But, if I don't say anything, nothing will happen: and, if nothing happens, I'm not going to enjoy the game. And I used to enjoy it so very much.

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 Sunday, January 24 2010 @ 04:55 PM UTC  
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I'll start with apologising in advance as I did not read through all seventeen pages of the thread. Sorry.

My main problem with onslaught is its lack of symmetry. New Pittsburgh is bound to be periodically overrun, while Pleasantville remains the safest place on the whole island. Why is that? Mutated munchies.

Not every outpost is equally valuable to every IIslander, leading to New Pittsburgh receiving less attention, leading to me shedding foul-smelling zombie tears over its suffering.

Tune the onslaught down, think of poor zombies.

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K.K. Victoria
 Sunday, January 24 2010 @ 05:45 PM UTC  
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Improbable Badass

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I think that's totally appropriate.

Following that same logic, then eBoy's needs balancing so that the prices are equal all around the island. Pleasantville won't fall because people like it. CC404 is under attack all the time because no one's up there to fight very often.

That's the point. The most important places to the most players are the most protected. Any other way would be unrealistic and wouldn't make any sense. Yes New Pittsburgh gets hit often, why? There aren't many people who like it very much, or go there unless they absolutely have to. Doesn't it make sens e that it'd fall?

"You saved Pineapple!"
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 Sunday, January 24 2010 @ 07:48 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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I have to agree. It does suck for zombies, and robots, and people who like Cyber City, but it doesn't make any sense to throw more monsters at the outposts people like, or fewer at the ones people don't get around to walking to.

That said, I'm still in favour of attacks hitting harder, and faster, and scarier, and less often. If New Pitts and Cyb are almost always breached, people are either going to get stressed out and stop helping, or they're going to get bored and stop helping. The group effort we had going to protect the outposts right when they started was great. It was loads of fun. But now, someone running into a safe outpost, or the Grounds, or wherever, yelling "help Central is under attack!!" is probably just going to be ignored. The group effort seems mostly gone.

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 Sunday, January 24 2010 @ 09:20 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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If it could be tuned in such a way, I think it would be interesting to have the cities besieged according to where they are as far as frequency and severity.

NewPittsburgh is just on the edge of the jungle, so it would be reasonable that the occasional small company of monsters would attempt to attack it on a regular basis. NewHome as well has this.

SquatHole and CC404 are both relatively hard to reach with large numbers (An army climbing the mountain or wading through the swamp? Difficult at best), but if the monsters were determined they could certainly pull off a large attack with low frequency.

AceHigh, Kittania, and Pleasantville all have the same thing of being actually in the jungles. This would make them prone to high number attacks more frequently, as well as small skirmishes. Pleasantville somewhat less so than the others, being that one side is bordered by a river (same problem as the swamp).

This leaves IC as a different thing. Monsters, if they've become more intelligent like She tells us they haven't, would have a different strategy than hit and run for here. It's in the middle of the plains, with high visibility to the jungle on all sides. Hardly any small bands would be even near there, and few would be so suicidal as to actually attempt to attack such a well armed settlement. HOWEVER, there is jungle on all sides. This, aided with the plains, means it would be very easy to mobilize a large force against IC, meaning BIG attacks when they happen.

Just some ideas (dangerous things that could take huge amounts of time and effort) that I've had about the invasions.

A magpie's work is never done.
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Cake Ninja
 Sunday, January 24 2010 @ 09:50 PM UTC  
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I think that invasions should happen more or less depending on how many people are in that specific outpost. My logic is that monsters can smell food, and they invade the outposts for food, so the invasions would happen more often if there was more food there.

It'd probably be hell to code, but it would (Partially) solve the problems that Cyber City and New Pittsburgh are having without making onslaught too easy.

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