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 everyone's a rookie
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Mister Mills
 Friday, May 31 2013 @ 10:05 PM UTC  
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I have carefully taken the time to read every single post in this thread and have come to notice several common themes. As a relatively new player I suppose some input from this perspective would be helpful.

When I first joined, the text on the first page lead me to believe that my character was from Now and was rather startled to be on the Island. In my minds eye, I imagined Mister Mills had been enjoying a mid-afternoon spat of Netflix and dog-patting when some burly men (who I later decided to identify as "Failors") came rushing into his living room with baseball bats and a old-school sack of potatoes to cart him off to the island (probably had to fight off the dog as well, but these are things I decided after poking around the island further)

I chose to read everything, as I rather enjoy the story of the "canon" here. I went to the museum, I walked around and read the descriptions of the outposts. Eventually I had the courage to write my character with other people.

Since my initial joining, I've discovered a few enjoyable loopholes in canon that I've exploited to advance stories of my own creation (which seems to be pretty common though I wanted to make sure it was completely explainable within canon because I like it so much.)

I had no idea until much later that the Island takes place in the Future. Perhaps this could be explained better, would it have changed anything for how my character has worked out? Absolutely not. I also believe that this clarification of canon will not solve the one issue that seems to be universally viewed as bad: fragmentation and cliques.

I will not lie, I only seem to write with a tiny handful of people, if I do write with people at all. It is not because I am avoiding anyone, or because I believe I am better than anyone. It is because I am, truthfully, rather shy.

I will sometimes bring Mister Mills to an outpost and write quietly by myself in the hopes someone braver than I will initiate a conversation. I try to stay true to his character as best as I can, which is apparently grating to some others. Being ignored is not a nice feeling, but it is an understandable reaction to someone not viewed as "Fun."

To be frank, I don't think the fragmentation of the island will ever be solved. I've tried to make new friends in Banter and have been completely ignored on several occasions (I'd like to thank Ada for acknowledging me several times when others did not, I do remember that.) It is kind of overwhelming as many of the people in this game have out of character friend-groups that dictate who they write with. I would like to write more and with more people but sometimes the story of an old man with a stern sense of right and wrong is not going to mesh with the story of young lovers in a stormy break-up or robots with lubrication issues.

In a perfect world a strong spine of "canon" would at the very least give one relatable subject for every person in this game, but this is not a perfect world, it is vast and malleable and full of creative and intelligent people seeking fun.

I believe I prefer it this way, even if it means I am only playing every-so-often when I know so-and-so is willing to write with me at that time. I am always having fun when I do this.

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 Saturday, June 01 2013 @ 04:22 AM UTC  
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 Saturday, June 01 2013 @ 10:39 PM UTC  
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Well, this is a tough one.

I cannot entirely agree with the driving point of the argument that "everyone should start as a rookie". Due to my fondness of the many-worlds viewpoint and due to the way my character has been written, I've always interpreted the Improbable nature of the Island as allowing all sorts of Contestants to show up on its shores. The way that the community drove the majority of on-Island canon in Season One only served to reinforce that viewpoint, and I can't say that I mind. I like that one day, I'll be chatting with someone traumatized from their kidnapping, and the next I'll be discussing how someone's magical theory and Improbability might interact.

That being said, I do agree with the ideas of making the canon more readily available and the spirit of the "everyone should start as a rookie" argument. I find CMJ's world fascinating, and making it easier for newer players to access, enjoy, and derive their characters from is nothing to sneeze at. As for my second point of agreement:

Quote by: LydiaDefountain

...that said I do try to encourage people I see at lower levels that... even if their character once was a god wherever they are from... the drive likes to make things even and a plotline of having all your power striped from you and having to gradually re-earn it is actually very rewarding.

This. This entirely. I like the idea that regardless of whether your character adheres strictly to canon, is the Arch-Magistrix of the Umpteenth Hemisphere of the Order of Deity-Voucher-Here back home, or treats time and space as playthings, when you hit Island-side, you're back to level 0. Having to build your character from the ground up, no matter what their background is, always leads to better story-telling and better characters.

NOTE: I've been agonizing over this over the past two days, and having all kinds of trouble constructing a cohesive post that does not involve me using my character (since I don't have Skidge's self-control when it comes to that sort of thing).

Judging by the chaos, I've been here already.
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