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 New Equipment table
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 Friday, April 04 2008 @ 01:26 AM UTC  
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I think a UFO mount would be awesome Eek! Eek!

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Anonymous: Gwazwomp
 Friday, April 04 2008 @ 03:09 AM UTC  

Bubble wrap armour! every time they hit it, they are distracted by how fun it is to pop the bubbles?

 Tuesday, April 08 2008 @ 02:59 PM UTC  
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~ Sack o' Smelly Diapers: Reduces # of attacks (due to holding own nose), reduces foe's attack and defense (also due to holding nose). Reduces charm by 2, reduces Watcher Favor by 4.
~ Six-Pack of Warm Sodas: 6 points of blunt-force trauma, but might explode on impact. Can only explode six times a day. If can explodes, reduce future damage by 1 point, randomly blind foe or user (defense de-buff) for 3 rounds. Regenerate each day.
~ Wiffle Bat: Plastic childs toy bat. Stings like mad, but does little harm.
~ Wad of Garlic Gum: Deadly halitosis! Foe defense de-buff of 1, extra damage buff of 2 to vampires/vampire bats. Charm decrease of 3, Watcher favor decrease of 1.

Not so Pathetic:
~ Waffle-Stompers: Really big heavy crampons that attatch to boots. Great for yobs, wannabe yobs, and mountain climbers. Leaves waffle-shaped boot-prints on foes. Decreases travel cost in mountains, reduces Watcher Favor by 1.
~ Power Stapler: Leaves foes firmly afixed to random nearby objects and terrain! Reduces charm by 5 (see Office Space!).

Pretty Spiffy:
~ Power-nailer: Heavy, reduce travel by 2, reduce attacks by 1 due heavy weight. Increaase Watcher Favor by 2 (makes for great TV!).
~ Portable Drill with Auger Bit: Increases Watcher Favor by 3 (Awesome TV!).

Very Darn Spiffy:
~ Dental Drill. 'Nough said; *Everyone* fears this! Foe defense de-buff of 3, charm reduction of 5, Watcher Favor increase of 10!
~ Portable Circular Saw: Woodworkers nightmare - A circular saw without a safety guard! Flee!

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Anonymous: Count of S-G
 Tuesday, April 08 2008 @ 10:35 PM UTC  

Somewhat Pathetic
Plastic Vampire fangs - +0 attack, but you absorb all damage dealt to opponents. Increase charm by 3 and wather favor by 5.

Anonymous: Neko Supreme
 Friday, April 18 2008 @ 12:12 AM UTC  

So, here's what I propose, Weapons-wise at least:
15 weapons for nooblets. No buffs, they just accomplish the standard stuff that stock LotGD weapons do.
10 more weapons for 1DK players. No buffs yet, they do the same sort of thing that weapons do at the moment - affect charm, favour, turns etc.
5 more weapons at each level for 2dk to 5dk players. Simple buffs are applied.
3 more weapons at each level until 14dk. Simple buffs and stat changes are applied.
2 more weapons each DK after that (up 'til 20dk). Complex buffs are applied.

And a similar approach to armour. Gloves, helmets and boots, I've yet to think about properly.

This is going to take a LONG time.[/p][/QUOTE]

[b]Pretty dang spiffy weapons: (not sure what level they'd come under)[/b]

The Spork: (I'm so surprised no one's mentioned it yet! Or am I just behind on the times? o_O)
The two-in-one, must-have utensil! 'Oo' and 'ah' over its wonderful spiffiness. Despair, all ye owners of mere 'forks' and 'spoons'!

Buffs: Not exactly sure... but perhaps it has the affect of making the enemy despair over the mediocrity of their own cutlery (distraction -adds ability for an extra attact while the enemy is distracted), or dazzling them as the light shines off the spoon in an attractive, cliche'd manner as an unknown voice sings a harmonious jingle to signify the spectacle (again, distraction).

Penguin Shooter
Combining an igloo, gun barrel and arctic creatures, this weapon is a true product of improbability. From whenst they come and to where they go, nobody knows... except, perhaps, the Watcher.

Buffs: Penguin steal! (penguins pick up extra requisition during the fight before they disappear).

[b]Armour etc idea[/b]

Perhaps theme-related armour and weapons? (If there aren't any already)
Such as (continuing with penguin/arctic themeSmile
Snow shoes (less points to travel over certain types of terrain)
Penguin jacket (no, not a tuxedo... some penguins, spurted improbably out of the Penguin Shooter, banded together. They have now taken over your torso as their now home) (some sort of defence buff/long-lasting or higher powered warm fuzzies (...feathery fuzzies?)).
Igloo Cap: a miniature igloo in cap form. Regulates temperature along with sturdy ice protectiveness! (insert random buff here)
Penguin Feather Gloves: Those birds sure can shed. Waste not want not. (insert random buff).

Anonymous: Neko Supreme
 Friday, April 18 2008 @ 12:13 AM UTC  

Oh boy. Wish I had/could find an edit function...

Anonymous: Truly
 Tuesday, April 22 2008 @ 06:36 AM UTC  


*tissue-boxes (lame)

*Monster feet slippers (mid-range) - specifically the ones that made crashing noises with every step you take (man, i want these in real life too)

*pair of cats (mid-range) - to put them on, just stand behind the cat, raise the tail and kick reeeallly hard. travel bonus for the extra legs?


*beer-can hardhat (lame)

*upside-down fish bowl (mid-range)

*pointy wizard hat (mid-range)- possibly with a set randomly-generated perk?


*bagful of confetti (lame) - dont you just love the idea of ineffectively throwing a handful of confetti at some horrible monstrosity? Oh no, papercuts!

*magic wand (mid-range) - with a set randomly-generated perk? or backfiring?

*improbable cannon (epic) - fires randomly-generated projectiles ranging from live platypusses to crystal balls to doppelgangers and anything in between (but i have no idea if it'd work with the program)


Portable solid brick wall (mid-range) - could involve a loss of travel or less attack?

swarm of angry bees (mid-range) - could be a weapon or armour depending on the attributes i guess. maybe a minus to defense or an added attack.

force-field generator (epic)

but seriouly, the chainsaw chucks are my favourite EVER. Love it.

Anonymous: Pyro-Dude
 Saturday, April 26 2008 @ 07:46 AM UTC  

Miniature Deathstar
Attack: 15
Defense: 2
Cost: 21000 req 4 ciggies

Clown shoe
Attack: 4
Charm: -1
Cost: 2200

Hallucinogenic frog
Attack: 5
Buff: Decreases chance of enemy hitting you for a certain number of rounds
Cost: 2600
DK requirement: 2

Anonymous: Gubby
 Monday, August 11 2008 @ 05:59 PM UTC  

Someone mentioned Wet Towel. I want to add my support for that one. We're all Douglas Adams fans here, right? Maybe it could have battle-chemicals which you suck on in a corner, allow you to escape from a bugblatter beast of traal, etc.

Ooh, how about this: grass blade (it's a blade of grass).

What about coke+mentos bombs?

Anonymous: Skidge
 Monday, August 11 2008 @ 06:30 PM UTC  

All I want is a bowler hat!

 Friday, August 15 2008 @ 06:19 PM UTC  
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** I haven't seen all the stuff in the game, forgive me if I repeat, please! Don't beat me with shovels!**

Boomerang? Perhaps one made of rubber for a low-end, or steel for a high end. Maybe a kittyrang instead; one that has claws and/or fangs, covered in fur, and purrs or snarls. Course, boomerang could also be bombish. (Get it? Boom? Rolling Eyes )

Frisbee! Kinda like the boomerang - plastic low-end, or a razor-sharp titanium edged frisbee that can decapitate (high chance of power move?) for a high-end.

Big Ball of Rubber Bands - # of charges is per rubber band.

I'll vote YAY! for the Wet Towel Idea also.

Skillet or Rolling Pin (I know the pin was mentioned earlier.. can't have a rolling pin without a skillet to match!)

Scones. They're rockish, and make you thirsty.

Oh! And along the food idea; Fruitcake! Perhaps one of the cooks, or maybe even Crazy Audrey, makes Fruitcakes for the Holidays.

Jalepeno Squirt Gun - nasty stuff to get in your eyes. Also available in Lemon!

Anchovie Pizza. Kinda like a frisbee, no? But usually more repelling - unless it's a Kittymorph. (Could also be an enemy)

The Frozen Raw Chicken I love the idea also - heh, Mythbusters. (Could also be an enemy.)

Origami, perhaps? Paper Ninja Stars, maybe, but more along the ideas of Animated Origami Storks, or roses, or even those crazy tetrahedron-things.

Gravedigger's Shovel. Good against Zombies?

OO ARMOURS! (or hats, gloves, boots, or stuff)
I suppose you could have a Physics Term Paper Armour, or a Physics Thesis? to go along with the Physics Book Weapon. Blind them with science!

Beer Hat. Is that what those are called? The ones with two beers on the sides, with straws?

Are there Pot Hats in the game? As in the kitchen Saucepot type of thing. Meh. Maybe not such a good idea, considering the Pothead jokes.

Thumbtacks. As Gloves. Hehe. Wink

Seashell Armour. Could we scavenge stuff from the shore? Kelp, Seaweed, Seashells, Driftwood, Coral..

Rollerblades/Rollerskates - well, yeah, ok. Prolly not in jungle territories, unless they were modified.. like, the Kittybikes are n stuff.

*Are there any mounts that can reduce movement in certain terrains? Such as Mountain Goats, can reduce mountain terrain from (is it 4?) to, say, 2? Though I suppose this would warrant needing more than one mount you could 'equip'. Which causes the whole 'I am carrying around Dolphins and a Goat and a Camel' thing, which is somewhat disagreeable, considering. I mean really? Who carries around all those?

I think I should stop now.

~ Kithlarana

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 Saturday, August 16 2008 @ 01:07 AM UTC  
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Quote by: Kithlarana


Scones. They're rockish, and make you thirsty.

I stopped reading. Hilarious and win.

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Max Dougwell
 Saturday, August 30 2008 @ 02:37 PM UTC  
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Here are my suggestions:





Guitarna (Cross between Guitar and Katana)

Flying Shark Cannon

Pink Rubber Mallet


Suit o' Bees (No-one wants to hit you)

Emperors Clothes (Invisible AND intangible)

Indiot Clone (They hit it instead)


Levitating Hat (It floats just above your head!)


Matching pair of socks (rare, even with so much improbability flying about)


Tanker on treads (Massive beyond belief)



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 Wednesday, October 15 2008 @ 05:58 AM UTC  
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I gotta say, I was quite amused at the weapon "Budget Horse's Tail". Mind you, I'd never want to wield it, but it certainly was something different in the Shack O Shiny.

Maybe we could have player-built mounts, like we have player-built weapons? The Scavenger's Workshop would be a great place to build them. Or maybe in CC404. Some of the mounts could provide buffs each day, while others might heal per travel turn, and others would be just mechanical kittybikes without the cuteness.

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Anonymous: duphenix
 Friday, March 20 2009 @ 10:27 PM UTC  

I think if you have a severed zombie arm as a low level weapon, then you should have a zombies sans arm as a higher level weapon (or maybe armor since it would make a good meat shield)

And a demon possessed hand might be a frightening touch, especially if it randomly attacked more difficult creatures in the jungle once in a while.

Absolute terror shield would be cool too, your defense goes higher and higher the more damage you take.

 Tuesday, December 01 2009 @ 04:58 PM UTC  
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I think high DK equipment would be neat too

like after 20 give new items every 5 levels or so

and what about new helmets, gloves, and boots?

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Anonymous: g_rock
 Tuesday, December 01 2009 @ 06:40 PM UTC  

Quote by: Azraile

I think high DK equipment would be neat too

like after 20 give new items every 5 levels or so

and what about new helmets, gloves, and boots?

This is a dead season 1 thread, check the dates. This change has already been implemented, check Shiela's after a few DK's.

 Tuesday, December 01 2009 @ 11:29 PM UTC  
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EDIT: Is this a dead thread? Whoops!

Lemon Juice in Squeeze Bottle: it's a soft club...or squirt 'em in the eyes!
Piece of Piano Wire: really super pointy, but hard to hold.
Surgical Lipo Vacuum: this really sucks.

Cardboard Box: wear it or hold it in front of you.
Impenetrable Ignorance: I custom-named my armor this a few times, but eventually realized that no one else could see my custom armor name. Duh!
Fog Machine: where are you? They're not quite sure!

Rusted-out VW Bug: maybe it runs, maybe it doesn't.
Giant Hamster Ball: as seen in XKCD!
Less-Than-Fully-Operational Death Star: doesn't actually go anywhere or do anything, but you get to pay 500 cigarettes to find that out.

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 Tuesday, December 01 2009 @ 11:37 PM UTC  
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Quote by: monsterzero

Less-Than-Fully-Operational Death Star: doesn't actually go anywhere or do anything, but you get to pay 500 cigarettes to find that out.


come on... be nice >.<

that unbelievably evil

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 Wednesday, December 02 2009 @ 12:35 AM UTC  
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Quote by: monsterzero

EDIT: Is this a dead thread? Whoops!

Yup, it's dead.

Or, well. It was.

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