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 Reviving an old RPG (callout to improabable role players)
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Anonymous: Azraile Kiras
 Saturday, November 21 2009 @ 10:11 PM UTC (Read 1245 times)  

Hey sense pooping in here i've seen some interesting RPing going on in chats, and promising char ideas.

Overall reminds me of a place I use to love and there many other people that miss it. It slowly died away from inactivity but lots of my friends want to breath life back into it and could use some new blood.

And if your wondering I still plan on playing the hell out of this game, it's fun grate fun! I use to really like the LoGD and this is 10 times better. Nor do I want anyone else to quit, but I would like to find new blood for the rpg and this is a GOOD place to find it from what i've seen. ^.^

Anyway it's about a living universe where a post-scarcity scarcity has developed due to some amazing technology..... acutaly it's post-scarcity, post-mortality, post-morality, post... well a lot! lol

There is a system called the instantiator that is a near perfect mater to energy converter in the form of limitless nanites purmiating the intire universe, part of what makes it a living thing. This allows for the creation of pritty much anything one can image with variant digress of difficulty and, along with other countless factors, has induced an unstable reality.

Though it's keep stable by a consensual group reality keep in line by peoples unconscious minds, reality is some what malleable.... however while it means most anything is passable, you can't force something onto some one that they don't want usually.

There is also a backup system built into the instantiator that takes a snapshot of every character's body and mind (and soul?) whenever they want it; it defaults to once a "day." (Or whatever the Mess's equivalent a "day" is. There are no astronomical features or seasons; in some places it's always light out, in some it's always dark.) If somebody is killed or maimed, or their mind is shattered, the backup can restore them instantly to health, without memory of the time since their last snapshot.

Because of all this its quite the interesting environment and the only means of trade that exist anymore are in the forms of service, art (very lose definitions of it), information, feelings/memories, and various other things that are unique and can't be recreated easily by anyone. Art and information trade and even wars are the most common place.

For general information check out the newbie guide for it:

Anyone interested or that has questions can contact me at:

We have 6~8 old players interested so far and 2~3 new players, and I've only resiliently this week started trying to get in contact with people.

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