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 Overly melodramatic donation post
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Anonymous: Torgo
 Thursday, April 01 2010 @ 06:01 AM UTC (Read 1203 times)  

A little more than a month ago, our cat Jasper got into some serious trouble; he ate something he shouldn't have, and it got stuck in him, and it nearly killed him because we weren't able to get him into our normal vet and couldn't afford an emergency vet. After two visits to the emergency vet, one of which for them to tell us they couldn't do anything, and finally help from our main vet, we managed to get him the help he needed to live. All in all, it ended up costing us a grand and a half, and all the while we were afraid, because whether or not Jasper would live or die depended on whether or not the numbers in a database or two, numbers representing green paper representing yellow rocks representing not much at all were large enough to tell the vet to make him better.

He's in pretty good shape now (and we've removed all the small fuzzy toys from our house that he could possibly eat, instead of actually _play_ with). Our pocket is suffering, but sometimes there's just no option to say "no, I can't spend that". You just do it, and you make do with what you can afterwards.

I don't have a lot to spend on internet games, but I can at least give a dollar for Lion, and for thanks for a pretty fun and engaging text RPG. I hope Lion has a long happy life, and I hope he learns to pick his battles a bit better. It's just a token gesture, really.

Here's to the Island, to pets, and to numbers in databases - may they all grow and become better with time.

(Sorry to the forum if I'm a bit over-the-top here - just wanted to express thanks somehow, and the Paypal donation thingy didn't have a comment section.)

 Friday, April 02 2010 @ 12:25 PM UTC  
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I'll add to that, a completely opposite PoV.

Sorry to say, but stories about injured cats don't tug at my heart strings. I hate the little things (much to the chagrin of my g/f) and back this up by being resoundly allergic to them. So, as cute as they may be to you, I see only hissing, spitting balls of concentrated furry evil, hell-bent on making me sneeze myself to death... Sorry.


I'm not a completely heartless bar-steward. The idea of not being allowed to earn any money for three months is a complete and utter swine. Hell, I do earn money, and it's still tight at the end of the month. It being tight at the START of the month must be even more of a grind (and you did choose to move to a country with no dole, CMJ... Good old Blighty can be useful for some stuff...) Best of luck, and I hope it the numbers start tolling back out of the red column in the near future.

So, I'll happily chuck some dosh in the pot. Not for the sake of a sick kitty. Not for the sake of a sick fuel pump. But for the sake of having somewhere to be a mildly inebriated werewolf with a house named after a tent and a fetish for the blues. I can't get away with in the Real World (TM)...


... Grace is just the measure of a fall ...
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