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 How to submit a monster (New combat system details! Updated 24th September)
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 Thursday, August 28 2008 @ 07:42 PM UTC (Read 2264 times)  
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When suggesting a monster, please include:

The name of the monster
The monster's weapon
(IE you have encountered name which lunges at you with weapon!)

A message displayed to the player when the monster is defeated (keep it short).
A message displayed to the player when the monster wins a fight (again, keep this short).

A simple true/false for whether the monster is encountered in the Jungle or on the FailBoat.

A verbose description of the monster (see the monsters in Level 1 for examples). This can be as long as you like, and can include italics and line breaks. Put it at the start of your submission, so that the monster will be displayed to me the same way it would be displayed to the player.

Your character name, so that I can award the points!

For example:


Lunging out of the forest towards you is Caveman Joe, and he's pissed off!
"You've got a sodding alt!" he accuses.
"No, no, that's my brother! We live in the same house!" you protest.
"BOLLOCKS!" cries Caveman Joe, before raising his Ban Stick. Prepare yourself!

Caveman Joe

Ban Stick

Caveman Joe grins at you and disappears. For, you see, he can never be truly killed. Grudgingly, he gives you some experience and Requisition anyway.

Caveman Joe whacks you on the head with his Ban Stick and cries "Let that be a lesson to you, nooooOOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOb!"





Obviously your monster ideas will be better.

I'm looking for stuff that will be funny (or at least entertaining) to everyone, regardless of location or geek points. Pop culture references aren't absolutely disallowed, but they'll have to be pretty damned good to get in.

You'll get 50 Donator Points for every monster of yours that I deem Island-worthy. In the interests of awesomeness control, I'm only gonna accept a maximum of 50% of submissions. Make a new thread per monster, and post them in this forum only. Monsters may take some time to show up in-game. Have at it!

A new combat system has been written and is now being tweaked and tested. This new system lets you target individual body parts on a creature. More details can be found at the official release thread on DragonPrime for this module.

The module isn't on the live game yet, but it'd be nice to get used to the process of creating monsters with multiple targets (and put them in so that we can start using them straight away when we go live with the new combat system).

To give extra body parts to your monster, use this template:

Target name: This is the name of the target, and should all be in lowercase characters.

Target hitpoints: This is the target's hitpoints, expressed as a percentage of the creature's total starting hitpoints. So, for example, if your creature starts with 200 hitpoints and this entry reads "50," this target will have 100 hitpoints to begin with.

Target Hit Defense: This is the "toughness" of the target, and is expressed as a decimal which relates to the creature's defense. For example, if the creature has a defense rating of 20 and this is set to 1.5, the defense rating of this area will be 30. Higher defense values make it harder to hit the enemy and do damage, and more likely that you'll be riposted.

Target Hit Attack: This can best be summarized as the "risk" of trying to hit this target. It's expressed in the same way as target hit defense, but relating to attack instead. This is how hard the creature will hit you when you're trying to hit this particular area. It could be used if you're trying to hit the creature's toes (leaving their arms free to bash you around the head willy-nilly), or when you're trying to poke them in their "special area" (prompting them to flip out and attack for all they're worth). For example, if a creature has an attack rating of 50 and this value is set to 2, their attack rating will be 100.

Target Hit Message: This is the message that gets displayed when you attack the target (not necessarily when you land a successful hit - it's kinda poorly named). For example, "You are aiming for the caterpillars in the person's vagina, and they're PISSED OFF about it."

Target Kill Defense: After the target's hitpoints have dropped to zero, the creature's defense is set to this until the end of the fight. For example, if the player has just cut the enemy's legs off, they won't be able to move around and dodge, so you would set this to a low value (0.2 or something).

Target Kill Attack: Same deal, really. Don't forget, you needn't necessarily go down here. A creature could just as easily get more violent ("you have destroyed thorn in paw! Aren't you a good samaritan? Now the lion can kill you that much faster!").

Target Kill Hitpoints: Once the target's hitpoints have been reduced to zero, remove this many hitpoints from the monster, expressed as a percentage of their starting hitpoints. If this is set to 50 and the monster started with 200 hitpoints, this will remove a further 100 hitpoints after this target's hitpoints drops to zero (which would likely kill the monster).

Target Kill Message: A message displayed to the player when this target area drops to zero hitpoints.

Do that for each target on your monster. You can have up to six in total. We'll likely move into this new combat system within the next couple of months.

Accepted monster suggestions with multiple hit targets get 100 donator points for the writer, if we use the multi-target part of your suggestion. Smile

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