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 Sunday, June 06 2010 @ 09:33 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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Didn't Z do a cover for an II tabloid once?

I'm not sure how this is related to the topic, but i'm su... ooh.. shiny!

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 Monday, June 07 2010 @ 01:32 AM UTC  
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Quote by: Fergus

Remember that if true newbies check out the Enquirer, it'll be before they read the whole intro to the island. Some will go through the first page of reading where they give their name, but I'd assume that most will not. We need to pick something to mesh with that first and foremost.

If done well, I think a sort of 'incharacter' newspaper page would work very well, so long as we do things that won't scare away potential rookies. It would need criteria for the articles, kinda like so:
Articles about new game features are a must, even if they are a little hard to keep exactly incharacter (ie the new commentary system would have to bring up afk, saying that the characters that say that and only that suddenly go into a trance or something. That's still in spirit of being incharacter while still explaining the feature so all understand).

The main thing is just that whatever is decided upon needs to be extremely newbie friendly.

I can't say that I once was a typical newbie, with a background of DB programmer, sysadmin, secadmin and beta and GUI ergonomics tester, but I did check the enquirer before I enrolled. And yes: the S1 enquirer did gave me some cause for concern, but it also pointed me to the forums & wiki where I discovered some more interesting stuff.

However the enquirer in the S1 period was much up-to-date than it is now!

Basic marketing 101: one of the 1st 5 rules states that impression is worth 50% of the whole ball-game. As a former tech marketeer I know from experience the truth behind this. Newbies, whether they are tech savy or not, look first and foremost at how many people play this game. And secondly at how well it is maintained.
There are no perfect games. Nor will there ever be. A perfect game is doomed most certainly to be replaced by the next newcomer who is willing to take the extra step!
This also goes up for a game which is not willing to advertise any of its improvements.

Ok, we may not be running the latest 1.1.2 framework, but we are running 1.1.1. With CMJ's incredible mods of which I have yet to encounter in any/most other LoGDs. That really is a real strong forte, so exploit this to advertise!

And yes, the tech advancements have to be newbie friendly. Just as they have to be exp user friendly. Not exactly an easy thing to do. Especially as this has to be one of the foremost focus points!
Now forget time-based fads as 0-minded tweeters and headbooks: all that really counts is being honest about what you are, what you have to offer, what you mean and what you can do (or have done). Which is exactly what I've been missing on the enquirer's front page! As I've said before: the lack of these things
is what does put people of!

Hell: CMJ's cat story is hilariously funny (albeit slightly too long), but also one hell of a strange attractor!!!

So CMJ and mods: use your fortes to advertise and convince this very own game to the outside world!

and to the others: stop nagging about in-character stuff because that won't win any souls!

"I see," said the blind man to his deaf daughter while picking up his hammer...
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 Friday, June 11 2010 @ 04:32 PM UTC  
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I guess I was thinking of 'in caharcter' as more 'in character with the Island' rather than the individual. And I would hope that the editor/s wouldn't be expected to write all or even most of the content. A cuisine aticle by (cooking person*)? Interviews with Island personalities. Island Health and Medical issues by (medical person)? Theatre News and Reviews by ... one of the Island Players. A crime bustin' multi part expose on the Skronky's. Yelling at Clarke Kent to get a scoop or he's fired. The possibilities! All placed in interesting and engaging ways around the tekko and Motd type stuff. You know you want to. Razz

You forget the weekly weather forecast offered by (insert only meteorologist on the island?).

Anywhoodles, I'd love the idea of something fun like this, but you could conceivably do it with the wiki of lies. and not til after the Enquirer homepage gets a new shiny spin, and stops deflecting the money-spending rookies we throw at it.

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Full Metal Lion
 Thursday, March 15 2012 @ 05:34 AM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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So... this is still relevant. Or it's just relevant again. Pick one.

What was the objection to putting the MoTD on the front page, again?

P.S. Turns out you *can* do a column in the Wiki. I empirically tested it.
Though I'm not saying it was a great column.

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