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 Peace Knight
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Anonymous Person
 Tuesday, September 16 2008 @ 06:40 PM UTC (Read 1089 times)  
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Despite your best efforts to cover your head and imagine that it were all OK, you realise that the jungle is about to spit out yet another incarnation of improbability for you to hack to bits. With a long sigh, you get your weapon to hand and wait for the creature to reach you.

As it steps out into clearer sight, you realise that it is a man dressed in real imitation medieval armour.

"Look," you say. "This has been a long day so could we just skip the zany introductions and hack you to bits already? I really don't care what you are or why you need to fight me."

"FIGHT?" says the knight. "You are a FIGHTER?"

"Uh, yeah," you say,

"DASTARD!" yells the knight, lunging at you. "CUR!"

"That's more like it!!" You pipe up brightly. At that, the knight leaps back and strikes a pose.

"I... am the PEACE KNIGHT! It is my duty to fight for peace until not another warrior is left!"

"Peace? You fight for peace?"

"Indeed!" cries out the knight. "Don't you see, that fighting is bad? And that peace is good?"

"Ye...e...eah..." you say.

The knight continues his speech in this vain. Thinking it might never end, you decide just to whack him on the head while he is distracted.

You have encountered Peace Knight who lunges at you with oxymorons!

Win: Hopefully you'll meet the fucking-for-chastity nun next.

Lose: "Teach you for killing people," says the knight as you sink into darkness.

Fail: no

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Max Dougwell
 Saturday, September 20 2008 @ 09:44 AM UTC  
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Oh, I like this one. It contains much humor.

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