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 Deceiving Project Wonderful Banner Ad
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 Thursday, October 02 2008 @ 04:15 AM UTC (Read 1830 times)  
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OK, maybe not a good idea to mock the advertisers, but still kinda funny.

As you stumble through the forest an incredible image fills your field of vision.
At first you can only see a majestic mountain landscape lost in the clouds.
Looking further, you see mighty zeppelins battling for air superiority, dragons racing overhead bearing Elven Manga Babes with bazookas, vast hordes of golden treasure and a two massive armies of armored spider monkeys locked in eternal combat. As you approach closer, angels flutter into view beckoning you even closer with their suggestively tight "Party Girl" t-shirts. Words appear before you: COMICS FREE GAME BARGAINS COMPLETE HAPPINESS. Mesmerized, you reach out to touch the words. Instantly, you find yourself transported to.........the lamest web site you have ever seen.

"What the hell? Where are the Elven Manga Babes?"
"Soon" a voice calls out.
"Um, ok. What about the comics?"
"In development" the voice responds.
"Uh, look. What's the point of advertising if you don't have any content?"
"You don't understand how the web works..."
"Well, it's pretty simple. You create a reason for people to visit your site, then there are a variety of ...."
"No, first you get people to your site."
"But your losing money by paying for ads and not having..."
"Visitors will donate so I can build up content."
"See, that doesn't make any sense. First, you need...ah, screw it."

Deceiving Project Wonderful Banner Ad

No Content

The Deceiving Project Wonderful Banner Ad whimpers softly "I'll be famous one day and you'll be sorry" as it slowly fades away.

Ah ha. Now you must be the first to register at my site. And leave a comment for Pete's sake!




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Mister Rik
 Friday, October 03 2008 @ 12:10 AM UTC  
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