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 The Duck of Hell
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 Saturday, October 04 2008 @ 08:10 PM UTC (Read 1227 times)  
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As you wander through the jungle, you suddenly feel reality shifting around you. Abruptly, you are in hell surrounded by fire, and brimstone. You can hear the sound of damned souls being tortured. You realize that the Divine Comedy might not have been as funny if you were in Dante's position.

While wandering in Hell, you come across a pond. It seem very out of place.

Then a duck with glowing red eyes flies out of the pond directly towards you. You duck into the underbrush hoping that it didn't see you. Big mistake. You ducked, when you should have dove.

The bird is in the underbrush with you, and shouts, "BOW BEFORE MEPHISTOPHELES, ONE OF THE DUCKS OF HELL."

You ask, "Shouldn't that be Duke of Hell?"

"DAMNED MORTALS ALWAYS MESSING UP OUR TITLES." Enraged, the duck of hell attacks you.


Mephistopheles, Duck of Hell



Defeat Message:

Vanquished, the duck retreats back to its pond, and hell gradually fads back into the jungle. Damn it, you had almost gotten off the island that way.

Victory Message:

Mephistopheles tries to take [Player name]'s immortal soul, but the Watcher comes out of no where, and takes it first. "Sorry, ducky, but this one's mine."





Glory Points awarded for this fight: 0 You have defeated The Watcher! You receive 1377 Requisition! You receive 20193 experience!
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