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 IMPORTANT: No more monster suggestions in the forums!
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 Sunday, October 05 2008 @ 06:28 PM UTC (Read 2073 times)  
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Hey, all.

When I started polling for monster suggestions, I didn't think far enough ahead. Had I thought on, I would have set up some sort of better system for taking these submissions than a forum. Here's what I have to do whenever you submit a monster:

First, evaluate the monster to see whether it's worthy of going in.
If it's not worthy, just move the topic to the Rejected Monsters forum (six clicks, two page loads).
If it is worthy:
Move the monster to the Accepted Monsters forum for later processing (six clicks, two page loads).
Have two tabs open in FireFox, one with the Island's creature editor, one with the monster submission.
Copy-paste the creature name into the Island's creature editor. Starting in the monster submission thread, that's a click and a drag to highlight the name, CTRL+C, CTRL+Tab, a click in the relevant form field (the focus gets messed up when you change tabs sometimes, so it's not reliable to just tab to the correct field), a CTRL+V, and a CTRL+Tab to get back to the monster submission. Rinse and repeat for the weapon, win message and lose message. Save the creature, navigate to the Creature Addon module that processes verbose descriptions. Copy the Description from the submission thread into a notepad window, replace line breaks with the Island code for New Line (which is `n, if you're interested), copy-paste again from there into the Creature Addon description field, save again. Open the User Editor and search for the user's name, which sometimes isn't the same name they use on the forum. Find them, click Edit, click Add Donator Points, enter amount and reason, click "Add," click their name to finalise, nav back into the Admin Grotto and then to the Creature Editor and then back to Add a Creature, tab back to the forum, edit the post (three sodding clicks to get to the Edit page because it's a sodding dropdown sodding menu and WHOSE DUMBASS IDEA WAS IT TO MAKE NAVIGATION OUT OF DROPDOWN SODDING MENUS AND WHY DO THEY STILL HAVE HANDS), mark the post as Closed and precede its title with (done) so I can keep track of what I've done, click Save, smoke.

Total, from when I deem a monster worthy to end of process:
Actually, no, I can't be arsed to figure out how many clicks, tab changes and page loads that all adds up to, but I'll bet it must be around forty, fifty-odd. It certainly feels like it. I do know that if I want to do a level of monsters (I'm aiming for twenty monsters to a level right now, all with descriptions) then it takes all afternoon.

So, I made a new module that allows you to suggest monsters right on the Island. It's going live this evening, and you'll find it in the Jungle.

Total clicks for the new process:

I would be much obliged if you'd copy your monster suggestions - the ones that I haven't got around to processing, at least - into the new system on the Island. It'll take you a minute or two to move over your own suggestions, or it'll take me a couple of days, and that's time I could spend coding up some cool new stuff.


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