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 Submit special events?
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 Thursday, January 20 2011 @ 11:55 AM UTC (Read 863 times)  
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As I've said, imp seems to be superior to logd in innumerable ways, but there is one thing about Logd I find myself missing.

those "something special" events you'd get in the forest. they just broke the constant fight, fight, fight, business up really nicely when you were on a combat run, pluss were a nice source of items and of risk.

I've seen the "something improbable" thing pop up occasionally, and some have really! got me laughing (I love the sciscers paper stone mutant), I have noticed there really aren't half as many as in Logd these days.

while I imagine it'd be comparatively easy for someone to write these as modules in improbable labs, I was wondering, ---- given that most of those "something improbable" events are fairly symple anyway if there might be a chance of simply having a basic submission form for them the way there currently is for monsters.

This would both take writing tasks from Jo and emily, leaving them free for the important stuff like the weather system, and also let people who may have writing skills but not coding ones contribut something which would be an important extra to the game.

Obviously, if it was a form, only symple reward/punishment events could be added this way, but even some of those woule enough to keep things interesting.

I thought perhaps the form could be similar to the monster one.

Eg first box, introduction, giving the details of how you come upon the event, for instance "you are walking through the jungle and see a mysterious door" (no promise for originality in examples).

Then, names for the two links to participate in the event or not, eg, "open the door" and "walk on" (you might even just hard code the walk on link and only ask the player for the name of the participation link to simplify things).

thenask the player to give the chances of success or failure as a percentage (obviously 100 percent success or failure would be possible.

Say with the door example we had a 60 percent chance of failure.

The submitter then writes a success description and a failure description, and specifies the reward/penalty by adding a number of cigarettes, rec, hp, chalm or favour that is lost or wonne as a result of the event.

For instance "you open the door and see a big box of rec" gain 50 rec, or "you open the door and a random pile of mud slaps you in the face" lose 1 chalm.

Yes, this would only be able to add very symple chance of success or failure events, and also this would not be able to add buffs, anything more complex would need to be coded in, though you could considder also adding an option to submit an event specific monster to fight as part of the event sinse you've already got the monster submission form.

this would however like the monster submissions, let people who perhaps would want to write additions to the game but do not have the coding skills to make actual modules submit something short and simple which will at the same time make things entirely more interesting for the players out in the jungle.

Obviously though, things are also vetted, so you couldn't have events that awarded you with 300 cigarettes or made you lose 50 chalm, so balance would be kept up.

any thoughts?

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