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 Why Medkits Out-of-Combat?
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 Thursday, February 24 2011 @ 04:43 PM UTC  
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I'll start with something completely unrelated and slowly try to get to the point
When I started playing, medkits, ratpacks and nicotine gums were 10 req each. I will admit medkits were slightly underpriced then, but nicotine gums and ratpacks were at the right price.
Problem with nicotine gums is they drop way too often. There should be at most one gum per donation, or even a 20% chance of the gum per donation, and not several per crate, because, honestly, how often do they get used? Especially now, when smoking doesn't happen by accident as often. By severely reducing their drop rate, their price might stabilize at about 1k req or so. otherwise they will just keep on dropping to the minimum possible value.
Except if people keep on artificially increasing the price by buying, hence creating a false demand, making CMJ think they should fall more often, because people are using them a lot.

Ratpacks were 10 req for quite a while, until people started advising rookies to eat them to stay trim and healthy, which is when the price started rising. I still say when I get a chance, ratpacks are not worth it, because they fill you up too fast and anything over 80 should make joe's diner the choice for rooks hands down, especially since as a rook you will be easily able to run around in orange stamina and burn that fat out. I rarely bought them when they were at 10 req, because they filled you waaay too fast.
Just my two cents on a completely unrelated economical matter.

Now about medkits. Small medkits were 10 req when I started, large I think were ~30-40, if I remember right. I was a DK or two into playing when I realized that they were cheaper than healing, so I started using them instead of the hospital. I must not have been the only one, as the price was rising even when I wasn't buying. Few comments were made in the forum and the price settled at them being just cheaper than healing in hospital for a character of ~level 14. That was when I stopped using them because I had several hundred HP at that point and doing 30-or-so clicks just to save 100 req didn't seem worth it. This is the reason why large medkits were (almost) always more expensive than 3 small ones, because people don't like to klick as often. Price settled at ~35-ish for small medkits and ~100-ish for large for a while, which I think was the right price, just about the price of healing in the tent for a high level chartacter (~2 req per HP for level 15, if I remember right, might be wrong, might also depend on rank, haven't payed much attention to it to be honest). Due to my laziness, I stopped using medkits when I hit something between 500 and 800 HP and I'm now at ~3k HP (Give or take a hundred). I have no intention of using medkits the way they are and here's why. Large medkits are the more efficient ones and they weigh 2kg while healing 60 HP. The biggest backpack carries 80 kg, or 40 large medkits. 40*60=2400. So, a full backpack doesn't even bring me to full health. Imagine the amount of clicking I'd have to do as well.
Having medpacks heal a percentage of your health would fix that a bit, yes, but it would make things a LOT more imbalanced and would jack their prices up waaaaay too much while punishing weaker players as well (L2 rookie can still get 100% of his health back just from a small medpack). What do you think I'd go for? 10k of a hospital bill (bastard rank), or however much a few medpacks would cost? Not to mention humans could potentially be earning about 2k per gameday from their free stash of medkits. Not necessairily bad, but still slightly unbalanced.
Now, to talk about the actual proposal, whether or not medkits should be used in combat or not.
I don't mind either way. If changing them to heal percentage of health, even in combat, they could be well exploited. If having them heal only a fixed amount, they would only be useful at lower ranks and levels, because at higher ranks, getting hit for several hundred HP would render them completely useless, but then again, you don't really need regeneration that much at lower level ranks either.

If I understand right, this idea was proposed in order to control prices at eboy's. It's what I really frown upon. More so in real life than in games, but even in games, it's a silly idea to try and control prices generated by users. But the idea could still work, if it's slightly changed I think.
A player could buy a non-trade-able item from let's say council offices, or Joe's Diner (a cafeinated lard ball, yum!), usable only during that gameday (like meat). The price of such item would depend on the rank and level of the character. The end result would be x% of your HP healed, whether during, or out of combat. Maybe have a limited supply per day as well, depending on the rank. Or perhaps you grab it from hospital, a genetically engineered sludge designed specifically for your body, but with a strict limit set by the doctor, as that stuff can cause cancer. At the end of the day, it rots and gets thrown away if not used. That, I would go for.

p.s, I see anonymous posting is gone Razz And I was going to be lazy

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