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 Raven Inn Moneymaking
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 Tuesday, July 26 2011 @ 11:27 PM UTC (Read 4335 times)  
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Looking to make some money when you're low on stamina with three hours to New Day? Bored with hunting, need some excitement? Try gambling! The Raven Inn offers a very good method of moneymaking: the dice game. The rules are simple. You place a bet, then you get up to three rolls to get the highest number on six-sided dice that you can manage. If you don't choose to lock in your first or second roll, you are forced to keep your third. Then, your opponent gets three rolls to do better. Simple, right? Here's a system I've thrown together for easily winning...
•If you lose, double your bet! No matter how many times you lose, if you double your bet each time, you always come out winning your original bet.
•Bet small increments that you can double multiple times.
•Always keep 5s and 6s, only keep 4s on your second and third rolls.
•DON'T GET IMPATIENT! This is how you lose large amounts. Keep to small increments and never, ever bet all of your money. That's just stupid.
•If you have a budget horse, you can visit the Raven Inn at any time from the Jungle.

Here's a rough chart that I suggest for betting.
1-300 - Start with 5 req first bet
301-750 - 6-10 req first bet
751-1500 - 15-25 req first bet
1501-3000 - 45-75 req first bet
3001-7000 - 125-200 req first bet
7001-15000 - 300-500 req first bet
15001 and on - You get the picture.
THESE ARE JUST SUGGESTIONS. As you get more comfortable, you can pick your own bets.
BE CAREFUL. Don't get frustrated, don't waste money. I'm not responsible for your fuck-ups.

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Hairy Mary
 Wednesday, July 27 2011 @ 12:49 AM UTC  
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Not convinced myself.

Suppose that you start with 300 req and a stake of 5 req as you suggest.

You gamble up to five times. If you win at any point, then you gain 5 req over all. If you lose all five times, then you lose a total of 155 req. That might not happen very often, I don't know how often without knowing how the Raven Inn regular decides what to roll. If you had a fifty-fifty chance on each game then that would happen one in thirty two times, giving the whole game a zero expectation.

Of course your particular system of what numbers to keep and what to roll may have a better than fifty-fifty chance of success, and the whole thing's in your favour, but that's not the point. The point is that you usually gain a piddling amount and occasionally lose a lot.

Surely you would be better off doing it the other way round, starting with five req, and keep on gambling your winnings, for five rounds, or until you lose. That way, you usually lose a piddling amount, and occasionally gain a lot.

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 Wednesday, July 27 2011 @ 06:16 AM UTC  
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See, no, you're missing the point. The key is patience, which is why the bets start small. It's rare that you lose so many times in a row. BUT, I would like to thank you for your criticisms and suggestions. I've never written a guide for anything before, so I appreciate it. I would like to again point out that the bets are a suggestion, not a requirement for the system to work. I myself have won well over 30,000 req off of this system.

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 Wednesday, July 27 2011 @ 04:47 PM UTC  
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You've discovered the Martingale betting system!

As long as the game comes down to a (fair) coin flip, and you have infinite wealth, you can't lose. Of course, when you've lost 10 times in a row (it'll happen about 1 in a thousand times), your next bet has to be 1000 times the size of your original bet, and (so far) you've lost about 1000 times your original bet, so it can get expensive. Yes, and you need patience.

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