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 Clans and politics
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 Friday, November 07 2008 @ 02:04 PM UTC (Read 1006 times)  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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A few things clans could use:

a) A screen to show which members are donating ciggies, how many, with a time/date stamp.
b) A screen for city takeovers that show who is donating req on behalf of the clan, for which cit(ies), and when. As the politics system turns over (new election cycle), that could just be reduced to member and total by election cycle.

This is my briefest post ever.


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 Friday, November 07 2008 @ 04:50 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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so breaking your fingers does have immediate results, i should have done it earlier Rolling Eyes

point a:

i like, especially for those who are uncomfortable with tooting their own horn; lets you see who the unsung contributors to the clan are. only down side is that it would allow a clan to enforce a quota system. of course such an un-fun clan wouldn't last long.

point b:

i presume both points were meant to be a screen available to clannies in their own clan halls. this is one i think should be available at each council office and have the following info:
clan - amount - percentage of total (reflecting current status, not a historic record)
could even show a sub set of which players contributed to each clan amount.
this would allow for more precise sniping and let you see who is gunning to topple your domination.
and since most bureaucracy don't make it a habit to display bribe info (for free), require a small bribe (fee) 10 - 50 -100 req to see the current bribe info

edit: this would display info for all clans at that office and the info is only available in the office (if they wouldn't display it, they certainly wouldn't broadcast it island wide). hopefully this clears up any ambiguity.

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 Friday, November 07 2008 @ 07:14 PM UTC  
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I like the idea for a way to track clan member's donations - it would make holding Cig donation contests much easier, since you could just watch the numbers change throughout the contest. Or, perhaps there could be a separate Contest Option for officers and leaders that starts at 0 and tracks donations for a set amount of time, then you can reset it to zero... but that's for clans that are still working on their buffs.

For the clans with buffs maxed out, we have to get more creative with clan contests. Being able to track political donations (and other things, like Real Money Donations!, Quester points, Drive Kills, who can find the most of item X, etc...) would be an easy way to have a monthly clan contest. Same point about having a separate resettable counter applies here (potentially for each type of contest, so multiple contests could happen at once), and would make contests a lot easier.

I think that having this option would inspire clan activity, and keep members alert to clan activities, which ultimately would lead to higher game involvement and stickiness.

I also like the idea of bribing the Council Offices to see who's attempting to compete with your clan, but I think you should only be able to learn which clans are donating, not which individual players, specifically to avoid players from being targeted if they happen to be donating heavily. And I think the bribe should be bigger than just 100 req - perhaps something involving cigs, since knowing which clan is after you could be very valuable info.

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