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 Feature request: A whole-dwelling Overview function
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 Wednesday, September 14 2011 @ 08:47 PM UTC (Read 2022 times)  
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We have Master Settings, where we can see and set some details for the huge long list list of rooms, and pages, and doors.
We have, from in Job Creation, a list of rooms (from Add Page), another list of rooms (from Decorate Rooms) a list of pages (from Decorate Page), and a short-form list of rooms (from Add Doors).
We have, from in Kick Out Players, a list of people who are in the building.
We have, from Programs, a list of Programs.

But it can still get confusing, planning out a large building, keeping track of which page is attached to which room, and whether all the planned doors been built, and so on. (I've tried in Excel and I terrified Micha, and I tried in Bubbl and muddled myself.)

Would there be any chance of a Building Overview tool?

Something like this...

This would make it much easier to see at a glance what you've got and what you still need to build.

If you could click on things to expand them (like the wonderful drop-down [?] buttons we now have in the building menus), that would be even better. Or maybe links to click or radio buttons to toggle, and it'll display all the information, like so:

Maybe build jobs could show up as well, so you don't try to make the same door twice.

For total 100% awesomeness, from here you could control things too (maybe in a separate Control View).

  • Click on a Door's label to lock, unlock, show or hide it, and to change its nav links.
  • Click on a Program to edit the program and its parameters (would need a link to the Inventory).
  • Click on a Page to edit it and whether to hide/show its nav link.
  • Click on a Room to change its decoration and the nav link orders.
  • Click on a Sleep Slot to move what furniture is in it...

I'm sure this would be a huge amount of work, and I have no idea how it could be done. Does anyone who knows coding have a clue if this sort of thing would be buildable as a Greasemonkey extension or similar? It wouldn't need pretty colours - this was just a first concept sketch.

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 Wednesday, September 14 2011 @ 10:29 PM UTC  
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Thank you again, Buddelia, for laying things out in such an organized manner. I know of folks who have had to muddle through the interconnections of their rooms and programs and doors and had no idea what was going on. It's a bit confusing to keep track of, for some. This would be an excellent way of presenting and organizing it.

Heartily approved.

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 Thursday, September 15 2011 @ 05:35 PM UTC  
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I think the Bingo Hall would break anything like this. But it's brill, nonetheless!

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 Tuesday, September 20 2011 @ 05:18 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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Quote by: thryn

I think the Bingo Hall would break anything like this. But it's brill, nonetheless!

Dunbernarding and Hendrix both...

Actually, I'd just like a way to view, for larger dwellings, just a section of the master settings...it sucks having to scroll halfway down to cuba just to get to the door settings...

Isn't sanity just a one-trick pony anyway? All you get is one trick: rational thinking. But when you're good and crazy, oooh, oooh, the sky's the limit.
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 Wednesday, September 21 2011 @ 09:14 PM UTC  
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Some sort of overview like Budd's suggested would be super-helpful. Is it do-able? I've no idea! But any steps in that direction would be good.

At the very least, I second Dave's plea for a way to reduce the scrolling. What about:
- foldable Rooms lists and foldable Door-list
- each Room individually (un)foldable to show/hide that Room's associated Pages and Programs
- each Page likewise (un)foldable to show that Page's associated Programs?

Uhh. Did that make sense? I'm not sure I explained that terribly well...

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