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 Cobblestone Usage?
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 Monday, February 27 2012 @ 08:19 PM UTC  
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There is also the turretdefense module which I created and has been lieing up on GitGub ever since, which uses Cobblestones to kill monsters. It still has a couple of bugs, which are due to a misplaced curly brace {} but I don't know where, and as it doesn't create any parse errors its not easy to find, since I'm not good at counting through all of them.

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 Wednesday, March 07 2012 @ 05:27 AM UTC  
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I saw on some other LoGD site a mod allowing items to be crafted from materials dropped by monsters. Mabey cobblestones could be used in some similar manner. I understand that making items like grenades, medkits, or teleporter entirely from wood, cobblestone, and spit would be completly game-breaking, not to mention HIGHLY improbable. Instead, mabey something like a small buff. Like you sharpen your weapon with cobblestone for that day/x turns, or you attach cobblestone to your current weapon/armor.

Thinking about it now, whatever use cobblestone might have (other than cosmetic) would have to be temporary. Using them for fortifying the outpost walls instead of planks sounds like a feasible idea. Using the cobblestones in such a manner would still have to cost stamina, thus it would be rather difficult to completly abuse the system (spending 100k cobblestone in one day to build a wall from scratch to 1M hp, for example). The idea of decreasing the effective fortifing power of cobblestone as the outpost walls gain hp also sounds like a great idea (Ever try nailing a stone to a plank of wood?)

My last thought on cobblestone usage would be directed at the hunger feature. I've embarked on one of Dan's quests, and have found myself in CC404, and have been "slowly dieing of malutrition" for longer than it takes a tatoo to heal (I should know). The idea of using some, or many, cobblestones to set a trap so as to have a good meal for breakfast sounds like an interesting use. One that also would be temporary, and mabey provide new day buffs instead of hunger. If a character were hungry enough, they might be tempted to eat one of these stones, so as to try to lessen the impact of starvation. (This could either help or hinder the character. I leave that decision entirely in your hands.)

I also think many of you are forgeting about the mini-games that are being expected. I shall look forward to those as well.

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Emperor loki
 Tuesday, November 06 2012 @ 04:56 PM UTC  
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One possible use could be, like in I think acehigh or pleasantview, there's that 'game' where there's the monster with infinite health. While the 'game' is stupid maybe it could be changed just to make the price in cobblestones instead of precios cigs. Since the actual 'game' is rarely used it won't really matter but even it was, it does the same thing as going into the forest and fight. The only difference is that there is no payout at the end. Its really just good for level grinding.

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