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 A way of fixing lag.
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Red Hatter
 Thursday, August 09 2012 @ 07:50 AM UTC (Read 1566 times)  
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I just started timed fighting and have noticed that lag ( Evil ) is main reason of not getting perfect. If I understand lag correctly, then couldn't you use JavaScript to fix the lag? Idea For example: have a JavaScript start counting when the page loads, then only return if the user hit the button in the required time to the server. Or maybe have JavaScript simply return the amount of time before a user hit a button and have the server calculate if it was correct?

What do you think, is this possible? Question Or is there some reason you want to keep it all server side?

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 Thursday, August 09 2012 @ 10:48 AM UTC  
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If there was some sort of JavaScript that dealt with figuring out when you've hit at the right time then there's a way or abusing the script and having it return to the server that you're getting a perfect hit all the time. If you had a script determine when you attacked as soon as the page finished loading, you still run into a similar problem since someone could stop the timer and change the value that it returns on every page load.

I personally think the best way to deal with this is doing it server-side since you don't have people being able to abuse it and the people who prevent JavaScript from running would have a problem fighting in the jungle trying to get timed fighting if that was the case. There is probably something that can be done about the lag, but I don't know what that could be. Sacrifice a goat to the computer gods for better server performance perhaps.

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 Thursday, August 09 2012 @ 09:16 PM UTC  
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Lag has always been a bit of a problem for me, both on my end and the server end (pleasenottheswitchagain, I'll be good, I'll be good Mr. CMJ!), but I noticed that playing in the early morning (Eastern time) there's not a lot of people online, usually around twenty or so, and the lag is nearly gone. That was the only way I could rack up about fifty perfect hits.

I've always fantasized that some day our benevolent dictator will make the timed fighting some sort of neat-o animated deal - where the circle scrolls across the bar and you hit it when it's perfectly centered on the line - with the option of using timed fighting regularly as-is right now with counting down yourself. OR both at the same time!

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