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 I need a Greasemonkey coder or coders, and there's a bounty in it for you
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 Wednesday, August 29 2012 @ 07:47 PM UTC (Read 1679 times)  
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Hey, folks. As you may know, I do my advertising through Project Wonderful.

PW has the best interface I've ever seen in an advertising network, ever. But it still has some problems. I want one (or more) of you to make a Greasemonkey script to help me with the day-to-day of placing and managing bids.

Here's my brief:

Project Wonderful userscript functions

1. On a search results page - assuming that searches are performed on a single territory - add a button to immediately place a bid with a single click:
at the ad slot's minimum bid, or at $0.01 (or a pre-defined starting bid) if there is no minimum bid;
using a pre-selected ad (perhaps this option could be shown as a drop-down on the search results page);
with the lifetime of the bid set to 'Forever', or as a pre-defined length.
It's important that we can place the bid in a single click. The goal here is for me to be able to go through a search results page, click on anything that takes my fancy, and have a bid placed that I can then upbid to win once I confirm that the site I'm bidding on is run by nice people and not, y'know, full of rampant misogyny. And if it *is* full of rampant misogyny, well, to keep that ad slot from coming up in my searches again, I can let the bid languish at a penny, or I can just pause it forever. Smile
Oh, possibly addition: ability to bid the minimum bid and then immediately pause the bid afterwards, that'd be neat.

2. On a "Manage my Bids" page - taking into account sort order and the type of bids being managed - provide a method to:
show all results on a single page;
view the average clicks per day of a given bid since the bid began;
view the number of clicks received in the last 24 hours, and the cost per click of same, and order the list by those parameters;
duplicate a bid, erasing the original, in a single click;
bid down to lose the bid (there's already a bid-up-to-win-the-bid button, I want to have the opposite too).
The goal here is to give me more up-to-date information on how well my bids are performing, particularly over the last 24 hours, and to be able to manage these bids faster.
(it's also important that the last-24-hour-stats column be added to the page via a button that I can press, so that we only hit the Project Wonderful servers for the info when we need it, to save unnecessary load)

I want to move away from high bids on popular sites, in favour of placing many smaller bids on webcomics who maybe aren't all that popular. Rooting for the underdog, you might say. However, to get the same traffic, this means placing (and then watching over) a very large number of bids, which takes a long time. Tools to sort this all out faster would make a big difference.

Now, about ethics. This script will give me an unfair advantage, and that's... unfair! So I'd like to release it to everyone as open-source, with credit intact, and show it to Ryan North so that maybe he can incorporate its ideas into the native Project Wonderful interface.

If you're interested, drop me a line via Distractions. If you and another Greasemonkey buddy are interested, both of you get in touch. I can only pay you in Supporter Points (it's been a tight month), but I can pay you in lots of Supporter Points.

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 Thursday, August 30 2012 @ 12:16 AM UTC  
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Let's start with item 1, the search/place-bid button.

Could you describe your current workflow?

And for testing, is there an Island publisher on PW that
we can use to place bids on? Just in case there's a screw
up during development and we place a duff bid (or an infeasibly
large one, or something).

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 Thursday, August 30 2012 @ 01:55 AM UTC  
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My current workflow when searching for bids:

I have a series of bookmarks to help me sort out my Project Wonderful bidding. This is a direct link to a search results page that sorts American sites by recent popularity. When I find a site I like the look of, I check the site, then I CTRL-click the "Place Bid" button, opening it in a new tab.

I'll probably open several tabs before I start filling out the details. Once I've opened a few new tabs, maybe a page of search results' worth, I tab through them and fill out the forms on each. I choose my ad (even if there's only one relevant ad, I still have to choose it in the drop-down), set the timeout to "Forever," and I glance at the current bid and fill in my own bid, which is the current bid plus a bit. Then I page-down and hit Submit, tab out while the double-confirmation page is loading, and do the next tab. Once they're all done, I go back through again, hitting Submit on the next round of confirmation screens.

That last paragraph - that's just busywork, same story every time. That's what I need automated.

I'll see if I can sort out a test account for you.

EDIT: test account activated, I'll email you the login and password.

EDIT: Forgot to mention *why* I only search for American results. I do a bunch of American search results, then I do Canadian, then European and so on because if you do more than one territory in a single bid, the interface becomes suckier and you don't have as much control over your bid amounts.

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