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 Account-bound Hunters Lodge items; tradeable Hunters Lodge item boxes
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 Saturday, October 27 2012 @ 04:02 PM UTC (Read 1423 times)  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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I've seen this a few times now in Banter - people say "oh I wish I had a title changer/name colour changer/whatever" and are loaned an infinite one from another person in Banter. They give it back after they've changed their title/name/whatever.

This is clearly costing CMJ some money. I've seen it mentioned in Global Banter a few times, and surely most people are not so stupid about cheating, and keep this exploit silently to themselves.

So, my suggestion: make it so that we buy a box with the unlimited use item inside, which is tradeable to anyone, but once someone opens the box, it is account bound and cannot be given to anyone. This would solve the issue of a group of people sharing an infinite changer, and I don't imagine it would be too difficult to implement, either.

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Anonymous: Escemfer
 Saturday, October 27 2012 @ 04:49 PM UTC  

I think the infinite changers are supposed to be account-bound by design, so I think that, as opposed to changing the feature, the necessary step is to correct the bug making them not account-bound. Though I think, if it can't be fixed, the item-in-a-box idea could work.

However, it is very explicit in the purchase description of infinite items that they are meant to be account-bound and are not supposed to be traded. Any user who is trading infinite items is cheating, and cheating should be petitioned about, especially when people are telling others how to abuse exploits in a public channel like Banter. I'm not a mod, but I'd suggest petitioning any time you spot someone trading these things in Banter, or at least letting them know that that's actually not cool.

Full Metal Lion
 Saturday, October 27 2012 @ 04:54 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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It was my understanding that permanent items were bound to an account after their first use. If they aren't, then that should be fixed, yeah.

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Count Sessine
 Saturday, October 27 2012 @ 06:36 PM UTC  
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I've entered this as a petition -- it's a bug. Reusable items are supposed to have the 'giftable' attribute removed on first use.

I am pretty sure the people who've been doing this didn't think of it as cheating -- if you're not looking at it from a game developer's point of view, it's pretty natural to assume it's fine to do the things that the game code lets you do. Yes, the writeup says you can't, but then -- people do notice that the game writeups aren't entirely accurate. The game changes, the text doesn't always catch up with the changes.

All the same, this has been costing CMJ money. Who knows how much... because players who aren't loaned a changer item might or might not decide they want the change enough to pay for it themselves... but surely it has cost him some donations, and he can hardly afford to lose any of those!

The good news is, this oughta be an easily fixable bug.

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 Monday, October 29 2012 @ 02:52 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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Just adding some input here: I have two infinite changers of various types because I bought the 30 Year Gift Bundle. I intend to give away the ones I don't need, but as I've already used all the ones I had before at least once, I've noticed that both 'used' and 'unused' items are in the same listing. In other words, I have an infinite title-changer listed as "Quantity: 2". I presume if the 'non-giftable' bug is fixed, these should break out into two separate entries in my inventory? I have used my changers since I opened the box, and it would really suck if the game assumed I used both when I really only meant to use the one I already owned.

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