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 Saturday, June 22 2013 @ 07:08 PM UTC (Read 1696 times)  
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I could not find another thread with memento suggestions, but if there is one, we can close this one.

I just have a suggestion with mementos. It would be great in this season, but season three is good too. I think it would be useful and fun to be able to know which people have a certain memento.

Only the owner of the mold would be able to look, and it could possibly cost some SP if it taxes the system a lot. It might be too hard to retroactively apply it to current mementos and molds, but molds in the future could start tracking. Or even have a special mold for if you want to have the tracking, have that mold cost more because the list needs to be made.

I have a few ideas for using it, for why it would be useful. It can help place owners know who has their memento if the place gives it out. It can be used as a plot hook, scatter the mementos, a week later, send a distract to continue the story, if the memento changes or is trackable by the person. It can help keep track of who already has the memento, so you know if you need to send it still, like with clan mementos. Just some ideas so far.

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 Saturday, June 22 2013 @ 11:23 PM UTC  
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This would be very helpful. Maybe applying the same system that's used to track house keys would work?

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 Sunday, June 23 2013 @ 10:24 PM UTC  
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Yes, please.

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 Monday, June 24 2013 @ 01:39 PM UTC  
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Oh my god please yes

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 Tuesday, June 25 2013 @ 11:07 PM UTC  
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Ooh, yeah, this would be cool. Especially if it worked retrospectively. Even if there was a surcharge like for Recorded Delivery. Gets my vote, next time Nifty New Features are being considered.

For those who hand out their Mementos via Places, and have a Memory/slot to spare, here's a little trick you could install:

"If they do not have the Memento, give them one and record that one was given to them. If they do have the Memento then don't give them one!"

Or, as I like to think of it:
IF NOT hasMemento
THEN giveMemento AND IncMemory+1

For bonus points, also add a couple of ShowPages to display some extra flavour text, one for "giving you a memento, yay" on the second line, and one for "you've already got one, nope" at the top right.

If you're going to be extra-pedantic about it, you could split this into more grids via Run Program contraptions, and start playing. For example, you could see if the memory says whether they have taken one before or not, and then not give them another if they've dropped it since then ...
or you could see if they've taken one before your program went in, and set the memory without giving them a new one ...
or you could make it take back the extras if they've got more than one of the memento, by looping an "if has memento, then take memento" down to 0 and then running a "give memento"...
or you could do some clever memory dancing-around to make it keep displaying the "giving you a memento, yay!" text if they post a line or refresh the chat while being on a page that's running that program (chatting reloads the page which reruns the programs which would either keep incrementing the memory or it would switch the display text to "you've already got one, you can't have another" depending on how you've plumbed it in) ...

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