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 Attack on Titan
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 Thursday, July 11 2013 @ 09:46 PM UTC (Read 1735 times)  
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So, yesterday my wife sends me an e-mail about some new anime we should watch called Attack on Titan. She didn't give me any details whatsoever, just tells me it's "fucked up" and "twisted." Being as I was at work, I didn't have a chance to reply and ask what was so "fucked up" and "twisted" about it, or even what the premise was. (Didn't even find out from our phone call on my way home!)

Naturally, the first thing I thought of based on the title was "Huh, wonder if it's about giant humanoid monsters that try to destroy cities, and the protagonists of the story fight them?" Then I realized that was just me trying to insert the Island into this little fantasy in my head (re: "You know you play too much Improbable Island when..."). I figured afterwards it's probably some sci-fi show about aliens invading a colony on Jupiter's moon, or maybe even the title had absolutely nothing to do with the story at all and it was some murder-fest slasher show.

Nope, I was right the first time. Including wall-smashing action!

We wound up streaming all thirteen available episodes in one night, well past my bed time, fully engrossed in the series from start to finish. It's not going to impress everyone, but it's a pretty good watch with some really good Titan-killing action, and worth sticking it out through the typical anime tropes like self-righteous and 'riveting' speeches, and Tsundere girls. The series is so serious most of the time, too, that when funny moments happen, it's hard to tell whether it's appropriate to laugh or not (even though I did anyway). Overall, I think it has a very solid story and a lot of interesting details that tie things together. All it's missing is a T-rex with a giant double-fedora, dual-wielding lightsabers. (Oops, spoiler!)

So, if you're a fan of Improbable Island's Titans, and you're a fan of anime, you may like this show!* There's 13 episodes airing subtitled for free on Hulu right now.

(Oh, and the "fucked up" and "twisted" aspect was the gore. Lots of violence and gore. I didn't find it so "fucked up" and "twisted," but my wife loved it.)

*Enjoyment not guaranteed, recommendations based on anecdotal evidence only, your mileage may vary.

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