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 Possible Party system?
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 Saturday, October 12 2013 @ 08:47 PM UTC (Read 1608 times)  
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Hello there.
So just to sum this up so its not too dreadfully long here are some ideas I have. The main one being a party system and details I have had with it.

We all have our friends and clan members we want to play with so why not have them all play together in a party system that add a bit more depth into the game.
-By this I mean not like a group of 10+ people I'm talking about a understandable amount like 1 to 3 extra people with you as you adventure across the island.
- In this party system you will have monsters that scale with your party's Life, Attack, Defenses, etc. ( Idk how hard this would be but its an idea Big Grin)
- The monsters would be able to attack by themselves or in groups like with the Puppy's, Wild Horses, etc. If they would attack you in the groups they would all have there individual attacks and defenses. If a monster would attack you by yourself it would be a whole hell of a lot stronger than anyone in your group and you would all have to use your individual abilities in sync in order to take down the beast, ( Or what monster that will eat you is made ).
- You would share a group stamina bar that splits between all party members ( Ex. You move 1 space, Your party has a 16 movement though terrain because Adventure 1 has the highest movement, You all lose .75 stamina for 1 space over this terrain)
The reason why it's .75 is because you will already be able to share items, etc why you are traveling together. And plus it would only makes sense for it to take a bit more stamina only for the fact that traveling in a group everyone moves at different speeds.
- During this party system it would only make sense for you to have a small chat system for banter or for story so that you may still communicate towards the others you are working with.
- You can share group meals if you choose so, so that everyone in your party can get a small stamina boost.

That what I got so far. Feel free to comment and add stuff If you want. Have a good day Big Grin

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 Sunday, October 13 2013 @ 12:48 PM UTC  
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Okay, first you have to understand a few things about higher-level play. (I'll assume you've just started this game, judging by your forum signup date.)

1) At present, the game engine has the potential for players to deal very high amounts of damage per round. Hundreds, thousands, there are even powerful-enough characters who can consistently deal millions and more per strike (we call these Titan-hunters, due to the Titan monster having such a high amount of HP). It's all part of current damage calculations, which tend to multiply themselves.

2) In fighting the aforementioned Titan, a rudimentary 'group' system does in fact exist. Anyone who passes this wandering monster can 'opt-in' and deal damage to it with any means at their disposal. They fight it like any other monster, and see the names of other players fighting the same beast. However, no players can interact with each other, and there are no sharing of turns. You merely fight it client-side as you would any single monster, with everyone's individual combat lowering the Titan HP.

3) At present, a player having higher max HP skews potential maximum monster HP heavily. For example, I have around 1600 HP at level 1. (I've played a while.) At level 1 I might run into monsters with 10 HP each like you likely have. (You haven't been solely Looking For Big Trouble, have you?) And, I just as well might run into monsters with 420, or 747, or 1579 HP. Anyone who parties with any such players would need an answer for that.


I can't say for certain when the grand reset of the game will happen, but it /should/ bring new core combat mechanics. I can't even guarantee if it will have a dedicated 'party' or 'rescue' system.

However, putting aside any coding time required (CavemanJoe's speed is a little astounding though), the above three issues make up many 'moving parts'. Weaker players would either just 'watch the strong player' or 'die horribly because they are near a strong player'. A party system with the current mechanics might not happen.

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