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 Notebook - The Stranger, Maiko, and other quests
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Anonymous: Gorbert+VH.
 Wednesday, February 12 2014 @ 05:57 AM UTC (Read 2136 times)  

I checked for Stranger topics and the few I found were about how running from the Stranger cancels the questline. My problem is different. Please bear with my brief but roundabout explanation. Some time a couple of months ago, I had just finished a Drive Kill and had a New Day to burn through, but I knew that soon I would have to leave to keep an appointment. I figured I would burn through some stamina in the jungles first. Instead, I ran into the Stranger. Slow reader that I am, I got through exactly one page of the whole thing before it was time for me to leave. So I clicked 'Continue' through all of the pages of the encounter, figuring they would show up in my Notebook afterwards and I could read them later when I had time.

Only it isn't in my Notebook. Neither, for that matter, is any part of the Maiko quest. The Stranger quest had me curious, but I kind of brushed it off until I found that it continued through branching questlines. Now I'm in the middle of a quest with only a bare amount of context for it.

So, I'm wondering why some minor things are kept in the Notebook, like Coffee with Jill, but this major one isn't. Could it be added to the Notebook?

Anonymous: Gorbert+VH.
 Wednesday, February 12 2014 @ 07:34 AM UTC  

And now I've accidentally clicked through something at New Day that I think was the end of the Stern and Punishment quest. Obviously this one is my fault, but it would still be nice if whatever it was showed up in the Notebook. For that matter, everything in that quest after Mr. Stern gives some vague mention of a problem with Punishment is unrecorded in the Notebook.

Twosocks Monkey
 Wednesday, February 12 2014 @ 12:02 PM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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I always support backing up story lines! Seconded!

That said, if you need them sooner than later, I as well as a few other people have them logged for our own perusal. I'm sure one of us would be willing to share you on a gdoc of either of those.

(The obsessive ones of us who adore canon need to keep logs in order to stick to continuity don'tcha know!)

Big Grin

If you distract CLOG on Island (that goes for anyone reading this) I can email you a copy if you like for now. I forget if I have Maiko but I think I do. I know I have the Stranger and Stern/Punishment. Again, I always prefer the more official of everything. Official is good!


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Anonymous: Gorbert+VH.
 Friday, February 14 2014 @ 02:52 AM UTC  

Thanks, Twosocks. I'd still like the Notebook to be more inclusive of quests, but for now this will work.

John Watson
 Tuesday, March 04 2014 @ 11:32 PM UTC  
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Huh. I have this exact problem with my Notebook. I did read thru every storyline, but when I went back to reread for the hell of it, I've got nothing beyond Watcher #2. Is this a coding issue of some sort, or is it just us?

I will always - *always* - believe in Sherlock Holmes. :still waiting for Season 3*: * by which I mean THE OTHER Season 3
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Full Metal Lion
 Wednesday, March 05 2014 @ 01:10 AM UTC  
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It's my understanding that CavemanJoe simply hasn't gotten around to adding all the Quests into the Notebook. I guess that could be considered a "coding issue" of sorts.

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Wongo the Sane
 Saturday, March 08 2014 @ 02:29 PM UTC  
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On this note, there seem to be bits of some stories that aren't accessible through the Story Passes. Most notably, I believe some of the options on the Stern and Punishment questline are missing. I would dearly like to see what would have happened if I had elected to 'Run. Just Run.'

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