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 A new race idea
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 Sunday, March 29 2015 @ 06:02 PM UTC (Read 1024 times)  
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On the island we have one area that is under used but it takes up a good chunk of the island and that is the lake in the middle of the island. So what about making a new race that uses that area. I propose to have a race of merpeople, done up kind of like in Harry Potter where they are more fish that walk rather then half man half fish.


Attack Debuff: Spindly Arms (their arms are more suited swimming) This should be minor about what the defence debuff is for Kittymorphs.
Defence Buff: Slimy Scales (They produce a natural slime that makes them hard to hit and their scales are very hard.) This should be a major buff.

Special abilities for Merpeople
3 distinct variations that get a special power that charges up like the midgets rage attack and an out of combat power.

Ink spray. A major defence and attack debuff on the monster as they spray ink in their face. only lasts for one battle so it is quick to recharge.
Speedy. Out of combat they have the least stamina cost to move on the island map.

Feeding Frenzy. A massive attack boost but a defence debuff as they go wild in bloodlust. Lasts for 15 turns. Moderate recharge time.
Eats Anything. They can eat opponents after beating them and gain the same stamina cost as if they had cooked the meat they would drop.

Minions. They summon two merpeople to help in battle giving them their normal attack and then two more. Lasts for 20 turns. Long recharge time.
Charming. When shopping anywhere that charm matters they are treated as if they have +10 charm.

The idea behind this race is we haven't had a defencive race and I think the three different forms could be a fun gimmick. I would have them unlock around DK 10 or so making the jokers still the final race. I would love to hear every ones feed back on it. Thank you.

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