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 Clan Bank
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 Monday, August 28 2017 @ 12:08 AM UTC (Read 1810 times)  
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Posting this on behalf of Citizen Ignatius:

So, CMJ, if you see this, which, hopefully you will, I am a member of a fledgling clan by the name of Improbable Zednoughts. I had the idea of having a shared account for our clan that would act as a req bank for our members to use, so that instead of wasting potential tons of req killing the Drive and watching it disappear, we could make better use of it. After discussing it in length with our founder, Tommie, we discovered a few flaws with the idea, not to mention running the risk of getting permabanned. So, instead, I, Citizen Ignatius, acting through the gracious account of Schland of Widdershins, would like to petition for a clan Bank/Vault feature to be added in along with the updates you're working on.

While yes, you specifically developed ways to keep players from doing the thing I'm suggesting, you designed it to be a safeguard to keep singular players from having huge stockpiles of req to hoard over other players. However, adding in this feature would benefit all the clans of the Island by enticing players into clans for the benefit of banking req past DK's. Not only that, it would help all players after a DK by giving them access to stockpiles of req to make a new DK a little easier. Also, this idea would help the Island's economy enormously. I hear about a lot of Veteran players who spend unneeded req on buying Nicotine gum before a DK to increase the price of it so that new players can sell any they come across for a helpful boost of req. Having a clan bank would circumvent this method by eliminating the need to increase the price for gum by allowing new players who join a clan to access stockpiled req, eliminating the need to sell gum.

Well, I've made my case. If anyone who sees this post agrees with me I would like you to try to get it to CMJ and give him your opinions on it. I would like to ask the same of any Mods who might see this and agree. Thank you all for your time.

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 Sunday, September 03 2017 @ 07:18 AM UTC  
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The proposed change would make Improbable Island easier and less interesting. This is because it would remove the req-wipe-on-DK mechanic, which is a major reason that DKs aren't trivial. The pursuit of DKs is the core game goal, so it would be, generally speaking, bad to make it more trivial.

A clan with a full clan buff is already quite powerful; I've referred to them as "playing the Island on easy mode". There's no reason to buff them.

Req can be spent on several things before DK, such as furniture, hats, and lessons. Banter is always willing to give you guidance on this matter.

The Island's economy is pretty much fine; the gum behavior you've described is at least a little interesting as a game mechanic, and that's the purpose of the game economy, in the end.

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