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 Outpost Threat Levels and breaching
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 Monday, March 26 2018 @ 11:32 PM UTC (Read 3602 times)  
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I've noticed a lot of contention in banter about islander's feelings of threat levels and lack thereof. I think I have a simple system that could make the system a bit more adaptive to player action and will still make jungling an important part of islanding while at the same time making breaching less constant.

I believe a possible solution is to add a random integer of monsters each new day based on a Gaussian bell curve seeded by (75% of monsters killed previous day +10) with a standard deviation of 10% of total monsters killed the previous day. This should lower the monster spawn rate in outposts where people aren't jungling but still allow build up when an outpost is ignored even if no monsters were killed the previous day. A highly active outpost will have increased threat as more people jungle but it won't have such an increase that it won't be manageable, the increase should always be lower than the amount killed the previous day, so with mostly consistent jungling, outposts like IC, Kitt, and NH should remain in the green. Less touched outposts like CC will still need a little love, but their levels shouldn't get to the levels that they used to, and not as fast.

That's just my 2 cents on a possible solution. It should be easy to code and I think it would do a good job of adapting to player actions in a way that is productive and exciting.

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 Wednesday, March 28 2018 @ 07:06 AM UTC  
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Some of the contention stemmed from disagreeing information floating around in chat:

Last summer, when the situation was abysmal, was the threat level twice as high or 400 times as high as now?
Can anyone clarify that?

I'd really like to have some threat back because an outpost in need drops a decent amount of money. Right now, waiting for Titans and wreaking havoc on Gum prices is the only thing to do to make money.

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