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Hairy Mary
 Saturday, May 30 2009 @ 03:32 PM UTC (Read 1269 times)  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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OK then. This is one little set of ideas that I've had. First of all a disclaimer, I know little about S2, and even less about programing, so these will quite probably fall under the category of irrelevant to S2 or impossible to write. I throw out ideas with the expectation that 90% of them will be completely ignored. I dream that 10% might provoke some sort of discussion, and secretly dream that once in a blue moon, something might actually make it into the game in a not too drastically altered form. OK, disclaimer over, here it comes.

Shacks etc.
First a minor point.
When looking at the dwellings list, could the pages be called 'streets' not 'pages'? Seems a little more appropriate. Even better, could we allow the street names be changed by the clan controlling the relevant outpost? It would be nice to see something like 'Snickerers Awesome St. for example.
Note to newer players, Snickerer was an old player who was in the habit of handing out awesome points to roleplaying that she particularly liked. She had a good positive influence on the island, and that's why I think that it would be nice to see a small nod in her direction.

Now main idea.
Allow people much more flexibility in dwelling building. In particular allow multiple pages for a dwelling. You initially get one room with chat space in it. After that you can buy (req/cigs/or even donator points?) extra rooms, and slowly build up a huge space if you so wish. I think some people could really go for this, a great way to compete in a friendly way, and the results can be properly shown off at parties.
New rooms come with a description and two links. (one in, one out). They don't automatically get chat space, that has to be bought. I can see some reasons why this would not always be wanted. Suppose someone wanted to connect all their rooms via some sort of 'Star Trek' style transporter. Easily done. Make one room which is the transporter, every other room has just one out going link to here. This then has one link for each other room, but this does not go straight there, it goes to a little room that just says something like 'Flashing lights, confusion, here you are!' and then has one link labeled 'continue' which takes you to the room itself.
Anyway, that would be up to the player.
Some rooms could be upgraded. First of all by buying chat space, obviously. But there are other ways. A room could be turned into one of the following.

- Bedroom. Does what the current beds do in dwellings. Pay once to turn a room into a bedroom, and then once per bed (perhaps up to a maximum?)

- Bar. Again, pay once for the bar. This allows beer etc. to be bought in from the SpiderKitty, and then drunk by anyone in the room. Given the current propensity for party throwing, I could see this becoming quite popular.

- Coms room. Like the coms tent. Again once for the coms ability, and then again for each chatspace you want a coms link to. If you want a link to a room in a house, then the owner must give permission. Obviously. I can imagine this being useful to clans trying to build big clan residences. It had occured to me that this might replace clan halls, and I can see some clans wanting a place in each outpost, and the ability to talk to each other. As an alternative when a link is put in, the player gets this in their pocket, the link can then be planted anywhere where the player can go. Don't know. Just an idea.

- Games room. This could take one of two forms. Either a game namable by the player. Anything they want from chess to mud wrestling, depending on race and general propensities. Imagine going to someones home, crawling through a small door to a cupboard under the stairs, and finding yourself on a dirty great croquet lawn. Or a caber tossing competition. Two people in the room at the same time can then choose to play for a wager. (This might have to have an upper limit of 100 req to prevent req transfer.) 50% chance for each to win.
The other way this could be done would be to have one or two fixed games. Pool say. Then pool could be a skill that players could acquire and improve on. Two players with skill levels n and m say, the pick a random number r from 1 to n+m. If 1 <= r <= n then player one wins, else player two wins. Don't know. How long would it be until some clan started running a pool tournament? However this sounds like it falls into the category of 'lots of work for CMJ with only minor improvement for us.

- Kitchen? I'm aware that you're bringing food into S2, but don't know how it works, so I've got no idea what the functionality of this might be. If nothing else, allowing you to change the name of the food that you serve up at parties.

Ok. That's all the different sorts of rooms that I've thought of. Some other minor points.

As mentioned above, I'm thinking that these could replace clan halls. It would allow clans to show off to each other, and could easily lead to some quite impressive 'player generated content' as clans vie for the most impressive house. This would require 'clan banks' to pay for this.

Keys. Doors would have to be lockable, and unlockable. People would have to be able to open up their dwellings to show off, and close then up again when they just want to use them to sleep in. Links, and locks on them would of course cost. At parties, some parts of a home might still want to be sealed off. Getting keys cut would cost a little as well.

I'm emphasising cost a bit because these places should be slow to build up. Players could see things progressing, and get a sense of character development which is quite nice. It also stops someone trying to build somewhere huge in a fit of inspiration, and then leaving it half done a week later never to be looked at again.

Anyway. End of this particular idea. Another one next week. Maybe.

Hairy Mary / Cantankerous Biggs

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Hairy Mary
 Monday, June 01 2009 @ 10:37 AM UTC  
Forum Improbable Badass
Improbable Badass

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Um, what I was thinking when I wrote this (insofar as I was thinking anything at all...) was about player generated content. The places for this at the moment are Outpost chatspace, dwellings, and the wiki o' lies/ gallery of shame. I was trying to think of ways to make this more usable.
What about allowing nice links from dwellings to wiki, so for example, Uncle Bernard might have a small table with copies of old Weathervane Player Scripts (This leading last linked in to the relevant wiki article. Or someone might have a portrait of their Great Aunt on the wall. (Link to appropriate gallery item.)
Would anyone actually use this?
All the rooms stuff was just a few extra toys to play with in homes.


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