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Time to change or die

I've just got the warning notice from my host, telling me to either reduce the CPU load (probably by restricting the number of players allowed online at once...) or have the site disabled. To be fair, I saw this coming. I just didn't think it'd be so soon - the popularity of Improbable Island has surprised me.

In short, we need a dedicated server, and we need it this week. No, this is not an April Fool's joke.

The time has come for me to urge you to stick your hand in your pocket and toss me some coin if you want to keep playing. If you can spare a fiver, please send it my way.

By its very nature, Improbable Island must remain a free-to-play game. I'd rather take the whole thing offline and call it a day than start charging people to play it. So, as with everything on the Island, I'm asking, not demanding.

I've asked my host to give me a week to do a donations drive and get a dedicated server sorted out. They have yet to reply, so I've no idea whether I've actually got a week.

Remember, every PayPal donation gets you points that you can use to buy Unfair Advantages at the Hunter's Lodge.

Please use the "Site Admin" PayPal button, and send us however much you think is fair for your enjoyment of Improbable Island thus far.

I could also do with some recommendations of companies who'll rent me a dedicated server and take care of it. Post 'em in the Enquirer.

Thanks. Let's hope we're still here in a week's time.

UPDATE 3:40pm BST: Just phoned RackSpace.  Everybody knows that they're the best for dedicated hosting.  Unfortunately, they know that everybody knows they're the best, and have set their prices accordingly.  The guy I was talking to quoted me three hundred quid a month on a twelve-month contract, at which point I thanked him for his time and told him I might want to talk to him in six months.  Suggestions?

UPDATE UPDATE: My host says I can have a week to get my affairs in order, as long as the CPU usage doesn't spike dramatically during that time.  So we've got a bit of breathing space, but not much.
A big "Thanks!" to everyone who's donated so far.  You guys rock my socks.

UPDATE 5th APRIL:  Went with HostGator in the end.  Improbable Island will be on a dedicated server by Monday.  You lot donated a LOT of money.  Thank you. :)

We need weapons!

We need ideas for weapons.  I'm gonna rebuild the entire Equipment table, weapons first, and I need at least forty new weapon ideas.  Read on to see how you can help.

What's the deal with Alts?

OK, here we're going to discuss some of the Gameplay & Technical Rules of Improbable Island, because it seems there's some confusion about alts. We're not going to talk about rules concerning social conduct, because I don't think we need any. We're all grown-up enough to know what is and isn't socially acceptable, and we know how to look at other people and see how they conduct themselves. Rather, I'm going to spell out my exact stance on alternate characters.  Poke the strange little man on the left-hand side for the full story.

My To-Do list.

It's here.  *points*