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Winners of the Robot Contest announced!

The gallery is closed, the Robots are in, and it's time to decide upon a winner!  It was a tough choice, but I hope a fair one (this is a lie).  Read on to find out who finished on top!

Welcome to the Enquirer!

Hello!  Welcome to the Enquirer, Improbable Island's first, last, and only trashy tabloid rag!

I'll work on making this place look pretty over the next few days.  For now, please don't hesitate to create an account and post your suggestions and bug reports in the forum!

Have fun!

-Admin CavemanJoe

EDIT:  You can post anonymously, yes, but you'll have to pass a CAPTCHA test each time, and that's no fun at all.
EDIT EDIT: No, we don't even have a logo yet.  It's just that beta.  And you're here to see it!  How exciting! :D
EDIT EDIT EDIT: Visually-impaired users, please E-mail enquirer@improbableisland.com with your requested username if you can't get past the CAPTCHA.  Thanks to Velle for pointing that out.
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Actually, given that you have to verify your E-mail address to get posting rights (and most spammers don't bother to do so), I've disabled the CAPTCHA for registration.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT BLOODY EDIT: Guys, please stop posting bugs in the comments for this story.  Use comments on individual blog posts if you're commenting specifically on something contained in the blog entry.  Having the game's bugs and feedback scattered throughout the forums, Petitions, and comments on blog posts means I have to check more places every day, and it's a bloody nightmare as it is.  Unless the bug is related to something in a new blog entry (for example, if I were to make a blog post about a trading module and you found a bug in it (and the story is still on the front page)), bugs go in the Bugs forum!  Cheers.