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October Contest Album
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Song: Spiderkitty
Artist: The Artist Formerly Known as Sherpa Mountain Goat Guy
Album: The Ballad of Lepra Khan
Year: 2008

So a couple months I found this old microphone in my room. I think it's from my old Windows 5.0. Anyway, it's recording quality is less-than-good, and my voice really isn't that good for a Metal Song, so I hope the Comedic Aspect of this makes up for the Quality! I can hope, anyway. This is Spiderkitty, a parody of I am Murloc (a song made by some WoW Nerds). Anyway, I figured if World of Warcraft could have an awesome song, why not the far-better game Improbable Island? So me and my good Buddy Wieser got together to make this Drunken Kareokee song. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 14 2008 @ 07:40 PM UTC
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